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Candace Owens - George Farmer 0

Roman Catholic Vs Protestant Debate

Examining a Recent Roman Catholic Vs Protestant Debate Candace Owens’ husband George Farmer, recently quoted 1 Bible verse, which he believes is a knock-down argument in a debate in Roman Catholic Vs Protestant debates....

Ben Shapiro And Russell Brand Conversation 0

Ben Shapiro & Russell Brand discuss The Gospel!

Ben Shapiro and Russell Brand’s Recent Conversation Ben Shapiro and Russell Brand recently had a conversation where Ben Shapiro explained the simplicity of the Gospel. And I want to react to it. Ben Shapiro...

hell and anxiety 0

Do You Want Them To Get Saved?

Is there someone you know, you want to get saved really bad?  And you worry about them ending up in hell if they do not accept Christ before they die?  Today I’m going to...