Carl Lentz Fired For “Moral Failures” And More By Hillsong!

Carl Lentz Gets Fired By Hillsong Citing “Moral Failures”

Did you hear about Former Hillsong’s mega preacher Carl Lentz getting fired recently? Carl Lentz is someone who you may often see with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kevin Durant, Jay-z and others. If you read reports by him, and other media outlets, he was cheating on his wife. Carl Lentz Fired By Hillsong (Celebrity Preacher With Oprah)He confessed and apologised publicly for the transgression. And if you read through his post on his social media, he outlines to you the whole scenario. Due to being fired, Carl Lentz is taking this time to regroup, rebuild, before potentially coming back into the public.

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Was Carl Lentz Cheating For Three Years? 

Now even if you do more research on this particular topic, there are articles being published and stories circulating talking about how this was actually an adulterous affair, which was going on for at least three years. And people actually knew it! But the only reason Carl Lentz’s cheating stopped, was because he finally was caught.

Carl Lentz alleged 3 year affair.

Taken from an Article on

The Bible Shows This in Romans!

Honestly why are you surprised? In the New Testament in the Bible, in the fifth book called Romans you can read this for yourself. You will read it speak about wicked men and women, who do wicked things against God and actually enjoy them. We are talking about the worst of the worst sins against God.

"Romans 1:29-32"

We are talking about people:

  • Enjoying sleeping around knowing God hates this
  • Those who enjoy taking life intentionally
  • People who never show mercy, knowing God wants us to be merciful

You can see in the above image right there, a whole list of things people do wickedly.

Not So FAST 🖐🏾

Before you make the mistake, read the very next thing it says in the book of Romans. Just as these people do these very wicked things and enjoy them, you do the exact same thing!

ROMANS 2 (Carl Lentz Article "We All Sin")

You should read how we have no excuse because if we are judging these scenarios, we are also the same people being condemned, as we do the exact same things.

We Are All Sinners (Never Forget…)

Yep, we all sin!

And it was only nearly 10 years ago I was well known in my Christian circles, and I came tumbling down for a long season because of private sins which ultimately came out to the light. I can only speak for myself, I felt crushed, destroyed and I felt like I was literally losing everything. And most people would agree (from man’s perspective) I did not do anything as bad as Carl Lentz.

I want you to think about how Carl Lentz must feel if we take him at his word. He says he is in search of genuine repentance from his transgressions. He was a famous preacher who was known by millions, was mingling with celebrities and it has all come crashing down.

Carl Lentz cheats on wife Instagram confession post

You know I spoke with someone very close to me recently who was not my wife and he was basically saying to me “it is almost like people in these scenarios are basically just set up to fall“. And if you are in these kind of situations and you are not being extremely careful, of course you are going to fall in these situations…Especially if you have the mindset “This will never happen to you“.

You Should Take My Warning!

You should remember what I just wrote you a moment ago about what happened to me previously. Do you want to know the big mistake I made? In that scenario, I was telling myself, and telling others “this sin will never happen to me“. And sometimes it takes extreme humbling to humble you, in order for you to get into the position where you can realise you are not perfect either.

You and I still commit sins, and if we lift ourselves up in pride and make the mistake of thinking we will never commit a certain sin, that is an opportunity for this sin to take hold of us. And is the kind of thing that can destroy all of the hard work you have put in over the years, over many days, weeks, months and years.

The point is you condemn the sin, but you DO NOT condemn the person! That judgment is for God alone!

He Cheated For Three Years Though!

Firstly, I do not know this to be fact. But even if this was true, in the bigger scheme of things, it does not allow you to condemn him.

If you want to take that stance seriously, here are all the people in the Bible you condemn (who arguably did much more worse than Carl Lentz). And professing Christians still expect to see these people in heaven if they make it there.

Example number one is a man named Samson in the Bible, who is arguably the strongest man mentioned in the Bible. 

He literally left his wife in the first week of marriage when she broke his trust. She began revealing pieces of information he had kept secret in a riddle for her family members.

In Judges after Samson leaves in the first week: “But it came to pass within a while after, in the time of wheat harvest, that Samson visited his wife with a kid; and he said, I will go in to my wife into the chamber. But her father would not suffer him to go in. And her father said, I verily thought that thou hadst utterly hated her; therefore I gave her to thy companion: [is] not her younger sister fairer than she? take her, I pray thee, instead of her.

And if you go and search from what I know about Carl Lentz’s scenario, he has actually been married to his wife for 17-18 years I believe. And although I may not know the ins and outs of his marriage, he has been married for 18 years. It is not like he left his wife in the first week.


Another thing that is important to me is I have not heard anything to-date about any sort of signs of divorce. I will keep Carl Lentz and his wife Laura in mind when I am praying (you should too), and hoping that the marriage survives.

More People You Condemn (#2)

Example number two is a man named David. David was the most devout worshiper of God arguably in the whole of the Bible. But David took a key soldier from his army, basically stole his wife and killed him in cold blood. And I did not hear anything from my vantage point of Carl Lentz formerly of Hillsong, killing anybody to take part in this adulterous relationship.

If David who was a devout worshiper of God at some point sought and seeked for true repentance from God in Psalm 51, why can Carl Lentz not do the same? Now let me tell you about this woman David had an affair with Bath-sheba. She was someone very significant in the family tree of Jesus Christ (Read the first chapter in Matthew).

More People You Condemn (#3)

Example number three in the Bible is Solomon. The same guy, we just talked about David, one of his sons named Solomon. Solomon who is arguably the wisest person you can hear about in the Bible married one wife. He then ended up marrying over 600+ additional wives. And the Bible talks about how he went into some deep, deep false worship of false gods when he was old.

Now towards the end of his life (I would assume after this) he wrote a book in the Bible called Ecclesiastes. This is a word which means “the preacher” or “the teacher”.

At the end of this book he is talking about the most significant thing in the world, is to realise how significant God is. And we should follow his laws and commandments.

Carl Lentz to my knowledge does not have hundreds or even more than one wife, and just like Solomon did in his book Ecclesiastes, as we just talked about a moment ago, is seeking public repentance, after he has apologised openly.

This story may have you saying Carl Lentz was a false preacher, the signs were present for you ages ago. I am not here to agree or disagree with you because I did not follow Carl Lentz closely. But if you want to know how to discover who is actually a false teacher then make sure you watch this video right here now!

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