Ben Shapiro & Russell Brand discuss The Gospel!

Ben Shapiro and Russell Brand’s Recent Conversation

Ben Shapiro and Russell Brand recently had a conversation where Ben Shapiro explained the simplicity of the Gospel. And I want to react to it.

Ben Shapiro And Russell Brand Conversation

Ben Shapiro says:

Christianity says you believe the thing therefore you do the thing, Judaism says you do the thing therefore you believe the thing”.

I like the way he outlines the two distinctions and he speaks about the differences as he continues.

The Drawback of a Work-based Salvation Perspective

Ben mentions what he calls a problem with the Christian worldview.

We’re dealing with what seems like belief by faith, opposed to belief by works. And whenever you’re dealing with works in order to build a relationship, or to be justified, you’re always going to fail!

And that’s the the problem from a works-based salvation perspective. Whereas if we flip it, I’m gonna have faith, and my faith in God will propel me to take action.

I’m now going to live my life for Christ. Because Christ is the one I’m looking to daily. And as I continue to keep my mind on Christ, I’ll remember this isn’t about my works, to have a positive relationship with God. Because everything from God comes from my belief in Christ. And that belief which Ben Shapiro talks about as the problem is going to propel you daily.

Ben Shapiro and Russell Brand Discuss the Simplicity of the Gospel

Russell Brand now explains things from his perspective:

Take the prescription and you will experience God right Christianity experience God experience Christ in your heart…

And Ben continues:

The access point in some ways for Christianity is a lot easier right

Ben Shapiro just so nicely outlined the Simplicity of the Gospel. Because he says the easy thing about what Christians believe is, there’s no barrier.

We look at the cross, we look at what Christ did, and can now walk right in to the throne room of grace. And this is what people who believe that they’re justified by faith realize.

Justification by Faith and the Fear of Wayward Living

I remember starting to truly realise what justification by faith actually is. And I was a little afraid. Because I thought things like “But if Christ is the one that justifies me, if my salvation is hinged on believing what he did for me, what if I just become rogue and start living waywardly?

That was my fear, but then I started realizing, if Christ did this for me, why wouldn’t I want to live my life daily serving him. And telling others about what Christ did for me?

Genuinely walking into this belief encourages you as a child of God to walk with him. And to allow him to shine light through you.

Ben Shapiro Highlights The Danger of Relying on Transcendent Moments

Ben’s then speaks about the problem he sees in the Christian worldview:

Experiencing a transcendent moment and now the transcendent moment is supposed to animate your life. The danger is transcendent moments disappear real fast right? You have a transcendent moment and right now you’re feeling God and then five minutes from now you are not feeling God.

I agree with Ben Shapiro. But the only thing I would say which is different is what many people misunderstand.

True Faith Perseveres Beyond Feelings and Experiences

We don’t believe we’re saved based on a feeling. It’s not just a feeling, it’s a belief. We say Christ went on the cross, he paid the price for the sins of the world. I believe, I put trust in Christ. It’s beyond a feeling. Because it’s a decision…Faith isn’t irrational. and it’s not a license to sin.

This isn’t just trusting in transcendent moments, because what Ben said is true. You can have the most spiritual moment ever, but then tomorrow that moment’s not going to be there.

Elijah for example is the one on Mount Carmel (in 1 Kings 18) who had a great deliverance in Israel. But he was the one not long after petrified, because he thought he’d be murdered.

If we base our faith based on feeling like Ben is speaking about, there is a drawback, there is a problem. But when you truly believe, you know it’s not just about a feeling. True faith will continue to persevere and move forward.

Ben Shapiro Outlines Judaism: Building a Relationship with God through Works

But notice Ben Shapiro was saying this is a drawback in what we believe is the simplicity of the Gospel. So in contrast, the opposite is a positive. He lives as a Jew, not based on feeling, but by working in order to build and have a relationship with God.

He gives an example:

That’s the message of the book of Exodus where they receive the the Torah, the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, and five minutes later they’re building a golden calf right. You’re building a golden calf.

And it’s true. I gave the example of Elijah on Mount Carmel, Ben’s example is the Israelites on Mount Sinai, which is a good example. And proves the point.

Ben continues…

I think that that gap has been sort of closed a lot

He feels like that Gap has closed a little bit because Christians have re-ritualized and it’s it’s not that we re-ritualized anything.

Having a Solid Foundation in Your Beliefs

The truth is, genuine Gospel truth like James says should be seen by men. And this is a mistake many make when comparing Romans chapter 4 & James chapter two. People think there’s a contradiction, but they’re speaking about different things. Paul is speaking about justification before God. But James is speaking about justification before men.

Because people see we’re believers through our actions. But the All-Knowing God looks at our heart. And can see through all the smoke and mirrors.

Ben says:

Christians still go to church even if they’re not feeling it that day or they still give to charity even if they’re not feeling it that day

When you read through the Bible, you see a relationship with God goes up and down (from a physical perspective) you have highs you have lows emotionally, but your decision, your belief (which isn’t just based on feeling good) will encourage you. You will then do the deeds, fellowship, love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Final Thoughts

Ben Shapiro’s explanation like so many misses the simplicity of the Gospel, by mistaking it for something else. And let’s look at one verse from Galatians chapter 2:16.

“Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law” why? “for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.”

Christianity doesn’t say don’t do works at the start, Christianity says works do not save us.

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