Bar “Pretends” to be Church & Church “Pretends” to be Strip Club!

This is how you know God is powerful!

Earlier in the evening I found an article detailing how a local bar somewhere in the UK did something creative.

You should know, all over the world, due to the virus, many different establishments are being ordered to close.

The title of today’s post should now start making sense to you.

The problem arises when, some buildings (like churches) in the UK are allowed to stay open (with protocols of course), and bars are not. And establishments in the US (churches) are told to close but other buildings (like Strip clubs in California) are kept open.

Now let me begin taking you back to my timeline.

Bar registers as church to stay open under tier 3 restrictions

I read the article about this bar and I cannot lie, I want to be truthful. I felt like it was wrong on so many levels. Very creative yes, but why would he use a church name, to do something so against what God desires? People usually get drunk in pubs (bars).

The interesting thing about this was I believe God told me to post about this on my YouTube community tab.

The story continues and gets even better for you…

Then, later on, a few hours later. I saw a video about a church apparently registering as a strip club and doing little if any stripping to open their doors.

At first, I honestly did not feel as bad as I did about the bar using the churches name. I also felt it was very creative again, but did question, why pretend to be a strip club?

And I kind of thought to myself, why was I not as annoyed at the church as I was with the bar? Yes we all have bias’, but I was annoyed at the church for different reasons. People will speak bad about the church. Strip club, REALLY? Is this the kind of joke Christians should engage in? Is this deceptive, even if for good cause?

I had one BIG question…Is there a way one scenario can be bad and not the other?

Here are the current results of my post so far:

The overwhelming majority is negative for both. Although my wife did present something which I think is vital. She said, unsaved people will do things without Godly restraint in many cases.

But born again believers are not supposed to engage in behaviours just because we can. Or because no real harm is to come. I do understand this is proving a point to the government globally. but why present as a strip club when “peaceful protest” can be used to acquire the same end goal.

This is not deceptive in anyway, this does not highlight derogatory behaviours and will not bring the church of God into disrepute justly for using these titles.

Presenting as a strip club and presenting as a peaceful protest, both garner the same results.

And we know which one draws most attention do we not?

The question is, is it acceptable in God’s eyes?

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