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This month was actually interesting as pursuit cropped up in several different places in my life. Ironically, I watched the film the pursuit of happiness. And whilst watching, it made me learn some new things about pursuit. I see so much, how before the great pursuit starts, or before the great success in your pursuit starts, you find yourself in some very hard times. These times may be some of the hardest and murkiest times of your life.

Speaking to someone about pursuit a few days ago, they began to indicate how they are so close to success in life but it seems as if so much hardship is coming prior to success. I merely stated to them that life is transition or motion. To go so deep into the mire, when you return to the water, you must first travel back through all the dirt to get to the cleanliness.

The example of Jacob springs to mind. Jacob left home after duping his brother. He then had to grind out hard work for a number of years (21). While Jacob worked, he acquired much. One of the last things he received from Laban, was what he initially wanted (Rachel). When Jacob left, he obtained much cattle. Laban was coming after him, and he thought it would be hard. After this, Esau is headed in his direction. Jacob is covered with fear and seeking God for answers.

God assures him…Jacob left and was returning back to his home. This was a journey from one place, back to the starting point and then beyond. Jacob went through much strife to get to the man that would be called Israel. Even into parenthood and old age. Jacob thought he lost sons, only to regain him and much more years later.

Things look bad in life at times and what we have to do is take one more step.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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12 Responses

  1. Tracy Krauss says:

    I appreciated your examples – both of Jacob and ‘going through the mire’. Good post. We all need encouragement to continue sometimes in our pursuit

  2. E G Lewis says:

    interesting post. Don’t know if you’ve ever read The Red Tent…it’s revisionist, feminist fiction and gives an entirely view of Jacob. Peace and Blessings

  3. Suzette says:

    This is so true. Life gets hard but there is always a reward at the end. 🙂

  4. Well, you’ve done it. You’ve created the perfect kitchen magnet. “Things look bad in life at times and what we have to do is take one more step.”

    Great thoughts; wonderful post, Israel.

  5. Deborah K. Anderson says:

    Encouraging post, Israel. A lot of times the blessing is just around the corner. If we don’t take that ‘one more step,’ we could miss it altogether.

  6. lynnmosher says:

    Good thoughts and post, Israel. Thanks for the encouragement to take that next step in pursuit of God when trials pursue us.

  7. Thank you for the encouragement Israel.

  8. sandigrace says:

    Good points here, Israel. Thank you. Jacob’s son, Joseph, is one whose struggles greatly encourage me. Jacob brought many of his struggles on himself, but many of Joseph’s were none of his doing. I think we all have both kinds of difficulties in our lives: those we caused, and those we did not. The great thing is our God helps us through every murky path we must travel. He is so faithful!

  9. Traci B says:

    Very good points, Israel, especially that closing thought. How often do we quit one step short of success? We need to keep going.

    Years ago, during a difficult time in my life, I had a dream so vivid I still remember it. I was driving my car through a tunnel which curved at the end, so I couldn’t see what was outside it. When I got to the end, the road continued onto a bridge over a body of water being churned up by a fierce storm. There was no place to stop or turn around, so I had to keep going forward. I sensed the Lord saying, “Keep moving.” So I drove forward, calling on Jesus as the waves came up above the bridge and broke over my car. I couldn’t see where I was going; all I could do was creep forward and pray. I made it through to the other side, where there was no storm.

    Every time I have a difficulty, I remember that dream and know that the Lord is with me no matter how rough things appear to be, and i keep going forward.

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