The Devil Is Doing This To Destroy Millions Of Christians! (Don’t Be 1 Of Them)

My son Amaziah just woke up,

went to the front door,
and came back screaming,

As I flicked through the letters to see if there was anything of interest,
one of the letters stood out to me Theophilus (friend or lover of God).
My wife Emma saw the puzzled look on my face as I scanned the outside of this letter.
Then I showed it to her,
Then I observed her go through the same change in facial expression as me…
As she began to scan the outside of the letter as well.
She opened it.
As she tore through the paper my heart began to race…
What could this letter be?” I wondered.
As she read through the letter, I began to peer over and read as well.
The police are looking for you!
That is my summation of the letter.

Police officers
The letter revealed how our car was caught speeding last week!
What does the police have to do with a speeding matter?” I wondered.
Me and Emma looked at each other and asked…
Who was driving?
Where were we going?
As we calmed down a little,
We began to look for more information, & saw the date of the crime.
It was from last week!
*Now is a good time to let you know there was another letter Theophilus.*
We opened this letter also and it revealed another crime the police were looking into.
This was on the same day but later on in the evening.
I thought about how, we had driven to and from a fellowship that evening,

Car - Blurry Windscreen
so I knew out of the two of us…
I was the one the police would be looking for.
And because I was the one driving this evening, I took a deep breath and confessed to Emma…
I was the one driving, if it was on that day.
Emma picked up her phone,
opened up her sat-nav application and punched in the address.
The location of these crimes were nearby and close to our usual route it seemed.
But that was when we noticed a few vitally important things.
#1 By the time of the first crime, we were already inside the fellowship.
#2 We had scratched a parking permit from 19:10 that evening.
#3 We were not fellowshipping in the house that was along that journey this week.
#4 When we had driven to that area recently, we had taken a completely different route…
#5 When the second crime was taking place, we were still inside fellowshipping.
(we left just after midnight).
So somebody stole our car for 5 hours?
And had it back in time for us to drive home from fellowship?
It’s possible Theophilus,

But the more reasonable scenario is, someone copied our car plates in order to commit a crime.
Is now gone with the wind as they say…
And left us with the police to deal with.
 couple silhouettes
As we came to these realisations I said to Emma…
Do you see how things come up and try to distract you from what you are supposed to do!
Tonight’s my highly anticipated next session in Luke and this is trying to take my time and create anxiety.
Let’s focus on the things we both have to do over the next couple days and not be distracted by things like this.
It is not a coincidence Theophilus that this happened this morning!
I want you to notice that, every time you are doing something significant,
There are going to be things which try and steal from you.
Things which try to make you anxious.
And things which try to waste your time!
But please don’t allow it to rob you of what God wants to do with you.
The enemy may try to use something like this for evil,
But God turns even evil things around for his good. (Genesis 50:20)
So I didn’t allow that morning’s shocking scenario to distract me from my next session in Luke.
Go and see how I didn’t let it affect me here and be blessed.
Thank you for watching,
Israel from In Thy Word.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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