Do You Want Them To Get Saved?

Is there someone you know, you want to get saved really bad? 

And you worry about them ending up in hell if they do not accept Christ before they die? 

Today I’m going to show you how God took the majority of my anxiety away in this area of my life. And how you can do the same! 

I’ve known several famous people in my life, who do not know the Lord. Some I’ve got to know personally. With one man in particular, I’ve had some intriguing encounters trying to evangelize. And sharing those experiences will help you greatly. 

God’s Word Is Powerful

Over the years, I’ve thought about Bible teachings which could wake him up. About 7 or so years ago I was thinking about him and what I could do to show him HOW POWERFUL GOD’S WORD IS! 

If only he could read the Bible.  

Take it in.  

And see for himself, the Bible was God’s Word. 

But this takes time to do and I doubt he’s going to spend that time doing it right now! 

If only there was a way he could understand the Bible fast! He would finally see What God’s Word truly was. 

That was when I decided to buy him something my wife, Emma, and I had enjoyed greatly. This would help him understand the Bible fast,  

It was deep! And covered things I knew he would like. 

get saved - Dr Chuck Missler - Learn the Bible in 24 hours

We purchased the “LEARN THE BIBLE IN 24 HOURS” DVD set by DR CHUCK MISSLER. 

Dr. Chuck is someone who had a great effect in my walk early on.

So the mission was set! 

It was only a matter of time. 

He would receive the package, open it, Watch it.

And 24 hours later, he’d understand the big deal about The Bible. 

And God, the creator of the whole universe. 

No Transformation Yet and He Did Not Get Saved

But sadly, he received the package, and 24 hours later, there was no outward transformation. 

And even to this day, I’m not sure he ever even watched it, let alone put it in to see if it worked. 

It’s Hard To Understand!

To be honest, I can understand why he wouldn’t either. 

I’ve had heartfelt discussions with him about the Lord too. 

2 years back, I remember a conversation which I felt went really well. 

It revealed two things for me which I’ll share in a moment. 

I flat out just asked him… 

“What about God does not interest you?” 

“Do you believe in God, or not care about God?” 

“What is your view of God in general?” 

This conversation happened because I realized it had been a while since we spoke about this. And I really didn’t know where he was standing currently concerning God in his life. 

Puzzling Responses

Some of his responses surprised me in a positive way. 

Firstly, the conversation revealed to me some of his thoughts on the topic…which in a weird way, actually comforted me a little bit. 

Because it wasn’t some great attack on God. 

I always knew there was a possibility he just didn’t want to voice it. 

But at least he wasn’t like some Atheists who just flat out attack God, and shut down any serious  conversation. 

That, to me, meant “there was still hope.” 

Even though I know, God can soften the hardest hearts! 

getting saved

I want to point out, I entered the conversation expecting him to say he was an atheist, But he did not! 

Not An Atheist & Not Saved

He rejected that from the get-go. He was not an atheist!

But at the same time, I couldn’t say he was born-again, so we continue…

Secondly, because we are both very logical people, it revealed to me I could actually hold my own in these kinds of conversations with logic, without just appealing to emotion. 

I walked away from that conversation thinking… 

If he ever reads this again, or thinks about this conversation again logically, he would be logically compelled to move closer to God. 

A few months later, I had a dream about him. 

I was weary! 

Because dreams can arise from all sorts of places. 

Good places,  


But I felt like, if what happened in the dream was real, or had even a slight chance of becoming real, I would never forgive myself if I said nothing. 

That got me over the fear of him thinking I was crazy. 

I sent him a message… 

The Cigar Club

Cigar club

“Are you part of a cigar club?

He replied… 

“No, lol, why.” 

I continued to explain… 

Where different types of cigars are provided for members. Do you know anyone who is in this kind of group?”  

He said no! 

I began to tell him of this dream I had, where he was in this private club. 

Outlining just the basics, I did not share everything with him.

I didn’t share how I remember him walking in the city of London wearing this long black coat.

And he was walking to this place, and I asked him… “where are you going?” 

He said “don’t worry, you don’t know about these things.” 

The cigar group were being targeted by people as some sort of revenge. I saw him in this group now. 

And I remember walking towards the people in the cigar group and seeing this woman. Something stood out to me about her face but I couldn’t figure out what.


As I got closer, we continued to lock eyes. 

That’s when a tear dripped down her face.

And it was then I realized what this woman was about to do.

I tried to run closer and call him to get out of the group, but she yelled out something in her language. 

She was yelling that this was about revenge. 

I didn’t make it in time.  

And they all died. 

I was left there sitting, weeping on the ground, just out of the distance of the massacre. 

It Was A Dream!

It’s a dream.” He said. Which was not a surprise. 

But I said to him “Keep it in your heart. If something like this pops up, remember it.” 

confused about getting saved

I wasn’t sharing this with him because I believed this was some inspired dream by God. But because I didn’t know. 

And felt it’s better to share it, than to leave it unspoken. 

There are times I’ve thought about the discussions we’ve had and purchased books based on  those conversations which would deal with his concerns. 

But nothing!

At least that’s what it seems like.

I know I’m planting seeds.

Or watering the seeds someone else is planting.


No salvation…


There have been times where I’ve felt so afraid about what would happen to him if he died before he’s saved.

But I know he has to make the free choice to believe. 

God wants true love. 

I used to be extremely anxious about this, and other situations… 

Until one thing removed a large part of my anxiety in this realm.

I prayed, and prayed, and prayed about his situation.

That The Lord would send more laborers, give him more truth.

That the ministers would be bold and loving.

But it was one day when I was just rocked by something the Lord revealed to me, which I know will help you.

The Lord Loves Them More!

The Lord asked me a question…

“How much do you love this man?”

I love him so much. And want him to get saved, Lord.”

Well, you don’t love him as much as I do, so think about what I’m doing to reveal myself to him based on how much I love him!”

That was deep right? But what happened next was even deeper.

But before I tell you that,

I started thinking about how much I wanted him to get saved.

And then what would it look like, if God is giving someone every opportunity to believe in him?

Anxiety began to leave when I stopped thinking about what I CAN DO, and what GOD WAS DOING to give people as many opportunities as possible for people to believe in him.

I was then part of a conversation not long after this and he revealed something which totally removed my anxieties.

It wasn’t that he was saved…


But he began to tell me and some others of how he was in a meeting recently… They were revealing some of the most demonic things people did.

I was shocked!

I said, “They actually are telling you what they’re doing?

“Yes,” he said.

And that was the moment my anxiety left. 

Because it was proof about what God had just revealed to me. 

God Will Allow Them To See The Truth & Get Saved

God was allowing him to see the truth.

And it comes down to what he’s going to do with it.

Just like I had to.

Just like you had to when truth was revealed to you.

It showed me,

God truly gives people we are anxious will end up in eternal punishment opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity, to believe in him.

Because he wants them more than we could ever imagine to want someone to be saved. God will make a way for them. But they have to have faith.

There was no more reason for me to be anxious anymore.

Because the creator of the universe, The all powerful one, is on the case. And Not Just me.

I pray you are blessed by this.

Thank you for reading. If you prefer to watch, see the video below.

God Bless!

Ps. Thank you to my monthly partners who help make things like this a reality. And thank you to Mr Chau for editing this article.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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