Did Jesus Pray Like A Muslim?

It’s a shame Christians even have to answer the question…Did Jesus pray like a Muslim?

For decades, Muslims have said Jesus prayed like a Muslim. Some of the most popular Muslims in the world say this. People like Zakir Naik, Ahmed Deedat. To even modern day Muslim apologists.

This is what makes this so strange. I’m going to show you how to destroy the claim Jesus prayed like a Muslim fast and with ease. But you need to be careful of the trick many Muslims play when they say this to you. I’ll tell you the trick later, but before that let’s look at two examples.

Did Jesus Pray Like A Muslim?

The first video I’m engaging shows what I call the bulldozer method (many Muslims like to do this). I showed that as well in my recent post of the Muslim who destroyed the trinity 😛 . The second video I’m engaging shows what I call the slippery method (more skilled Muslims try to do this). I showed an example of this in my recent where the Muslim mocked a Christian but ended up exposing himself.

Examining the Claim Jesus Prayed Like A Muslim

The first video is of a man named Hamza. He’s making the point Jesus prayed like a Muslim. This is what he says,

So when I show you now in the Bible, will you accept that Jesus prayed like a Muslim?

Remember confidence and speaking with authority doesn’t mean you are right. This is his argument.

Now I’m gonna quote your scripture now. I’m gonna quote your scripture. Matthew. Matthew 26:39. You’ll never forget that verse. And going a little further, he fell on his face and prayed,

“My father, if it is possible, let the cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.” What did he… what did he do?

We’ll come back to Hamza in a moment. But an easy way to destroy most arguments against the Bible is to read the verse. Click To Tweet Don’t get surprised how often reading the verse destroys most of these arguments. Let’s read it.

Matthew 26 verse 39 says,

“And he went a little further and fell on his face and prayed saying, ‘O my Father, if it be possible let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.'”

Clearly Jesus Did Not Pray Like a Muslim!

Matthew tells us that Jesus went down and put his face to the ground as he prayed. Muslims use this as an example to say Muslims bow their heads in prayer and so did Jesus, so Jesus prayed like a Muslim.

What happens when you read the whole verse? It tells us Jesus put his face to the ground and said, “O my father.”

Muslims will never say those words in prayer. When you read the verse, it destroys the argument. This is why this argument is dumb.

Imagine I said Muslims have two parts to the Quran, the Meccan and the Medinan part. This means they’re like Christians because the Bible has two parts, the Old and New Testament. This makes no sense.

Because something is similar, this does not mean it’s the same. Because we live in a world where people do the same thing but are total opposites. It’s not the similarities that define groups; it’s the differences. This is why what happens next in the video is funny.

How did he pray, he said? How did he pray, okay?

(Hamza gets on the ground and bows his head to the floor)

My father, how did he pray? So I mean let me… let me give you an example. Yeah, he walked a little further and then he fell to his face with his head in his hands and said, “Father, take this cup from my lips but if it be thy will thy will be done.”

The Bulldozer Method: Deconstructing Misconceptions

Earlier in the video, he said this,

“Okay, the point I was making was how did Jesus pray? And he prayed as the Muslims pray. That’s my point.”

If you ever find a Muslim praying like this and saying the words, “O my father,” you know that person is an apostate! They’ve left the faith, because the Quran says god is father to no one (Surah 5:18, 6:100-101).

The very example Hamza is giving proves Jesus did not pray like a Muslim.

Understanding Jesus’ Prayer Practices

There is nothing unique to Muslims about praying with your face to the ground. By the way, there are examples of this all through the Bible. But this is not the only way people prayed in the Bible. People:

  • Stood (Luke 18:11, 13).
  • Kneeled (1 Kings 8:54).
  • Spoke out loud (John 11:41-42).
  • Prayed without sound (1 Samuel 1:9-17). 

But let me give you a few examples of Jesus before we move to the second video.

Matthew told us earlier in chapter 6 how Jesus taught his disciples to pray.

He said,

“Enter into your inner room and pray to our Father.”

Matthew 6:9 says,

after this manner, therefore pray ye: our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

He continues but Jesus is telling his followers to say “Father” when praying like he did. This is not praying like Muslims.

Jesus gave a parable of two men praying in the temple in Luke chapter 18. Both men were praying standing up. Luke 18:13 is important for something I want to share next. It says,

“And the publican would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven but smote upon his breast saying, ‘God be merciful to me a sinner.'”

As you read on, Jesus said he’s justified, but in Islam’s holy writings like Sahih Muslim it says, you should not lift your eyes to heaven when you pray (SM 429. Book 4. Hadith 129). If you do, your eyes will get plucked out. This will be important as we move to the next video.

Don’t forget this 🙂 .

The Slippery Method

Muslims like Hamza like to bulldoze in arguments to prove their point. When you look at the argument though, it’s weak.

The next approach is very slippery. It’s better than Hamza’s approach but still weak when you know where to press. This is from a man named Adnan Rashid. Adnan says,

“When we actually practically demonstrate how Jesus prayed, how he prayed, not what he said in prayer, the question is how did he pray?

The reason this is slippery from Adnan is because he used to argue like Hamza, then it got debunked and he changed it up.

Listen, don’t worry about what Jesus is saying, only focus on what he is doing when he prays.

On what planet does what you say not factor in to what you are doing?

Am I Praying Like A Muslim?

Imagine I walked into the mosque in full Arabic attire. I put my hands to my head,Sri Lanka's Muslims defy mosque 'ban' to pray for peace | Arab News

got on my knees and bowed down and then I said with a loud voice,

‘Lord Jesus receive my spirit.’

That would be a relevant prayer in that setting, wouldn’t it?

But in all seriousness, imagine as the Muslims grabbed me to throw me out of the mosque I was saying, I did the exact movements as you when I prayed so I’m praying like a Muslim.

Adnan told me this means I’m praying like a Muslim. What would happen?

Adnan Rashid has more to say though, which is more shocking than this.

How did he pray? And the only reference in the New Testament we find as to how he prayed is actually prostration, amazingly.

It’s amazing the way he mis-taught the Bible but it kind of exposes the trick I told you about earlier.

Unravelling the Argument

Let me destroy his argument and then expose the trick.

It’s amazing that he said the only example we have in the New Testament of Jesus praying is by prostration, bowing down in prayer. He’s referring to the same passage as Hamza but this is false.

In John chapter 13 to John chapter 17, we learn about Jesus’ last supper. After getting up to wash the disciples’ feet, it says he sat back down and talked. We call John 17 Jesus’ high priestly prayer. John 17:1 says,

These words spake Jesus and lifted up his eyes to heaven and said, “Father, the hour is come, glorify thy son that thy son also may glorify thee.”

Jesus says Father 6 times in this prayer as he lifts up his eyes to heaven. Jesus also directly calls himself God’s Sson 2 times (another big no no in Islam).

Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane is not the only example of Jesus praying in the New Testament. He prayed here, sitting down looking up to heaven, calling out Father 6 times.

Jesus prayed so much like a Muslim, according to the Muslim sources, his eyes would get plucked out.

You didn’t forget about that, did you? 😛 😀 🙂

Did Jesus Pray Like A Muslim? An Emphatic No!

You see how easy it is to debunk this false claim? But the trick many Muslims will play on you is this…

Once you destroy this weak argument, they will then say the Bible’s corrupted. And this makes you think, why make the weak argument in the first place?

This is by far one of the dumbest things Muslims say about Jesus. But it’s not as dumb as the reason Andrew Tate says he left Christianity and converted to Islam.

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