Overcoming Spiritual Warfare (The 5 Stages)

I was speaking with someone recently who is overcoming spiritual warfare. What is Spiritual Warfare? There are examples of spiritual warfare all over the Bible. Job is a famous example. This is where Satan, or someone inspired by him, is stealing, killing or destroying.

The person is going through a very challenging time in their walk. It’s clear they’re under spiritual attack. And this is what Satan does to rob believers of joy and fulfilment.

Overcoming Spiritual Warfare (The 5 Stages)

I shared what I’ve been calling the five stages. They said it was helpful, so let me know if it helps you too. It’s helped me in the past remain focused, and now it will bless you. At the end I’ll walk through how the five stages are working in my life. I’ll also share how to do this as easy as possible.

I drew this and highlighted all five stages, and I’ll come back to it and explain everything as I go.The 5 stages - Overcoming Spiritual Warfare

Stage 1 To Overcoming Spiritual Warfare

It starts by imagining a field. Jesus describes us as labourers who work in the field, so this is where it comes from. I explained in the conversation, that as Christians we should produce much fruit. Click To Tweet Jesus said in John chapter 15, if we abide in Him, we will produce much fruit.

Jesus also told us in John chapter 10,

the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.

I said, Jesus wants you to be fruitful, but Satan wants your field to be fruitless, barren and destroyed.

When you look at the drawing, you see that number 1e is the only number outside. The 5 stages - Overcoming Spiritual WarfareThis is the most important.

I explained how Stage 1 is being at the field but staying outside. Satan wants to keep you outside of your field, because this is where you are least effective.

This is where you feel unworthy, unfulfilled, and undervalued. This is why Satan causes chaos and distraction.

He will do anything to keep you outside. He’ll

  • Attack your family.
  • Ruin your finances.
  • Keep you distracted.

Don’t Stay Outside

He knows, if you stay outside, there’s nothing you can do to hurt him.

And at the same time, you’re not focused on what’s going on in your field. This means you cannot obey God and be fruitful.

I explained how, if you stay outside, the field won’t product fruit, It’s impossible! The devil cannot stop you, and God will not force you. You must decide, not to stay outside.

To have any chance to produce fruit, you need stage 2.

Stage 2 To Overcoming Spiritual Warfare

You must decide to walk into your field.

Once you walk into the field, celebrate. The truth is, many are on the outside and show no signs of entering. But as you celebrate being on the right path, you know you must do more.The 5 stages - Overcoming Spiritual WarfareYou walk into your field and it’s all mud.

All you can see is brown from left to right. The reason this is so important, is because you think about the field in both stages. The difference is though, in stage 2, you can see the field. You are now aware of the field. It’s much harder to ignore, when it’s right in front of you. This is why the distractions are so heavy in stage one.

It’s like how data shows, once women who do not want a baby see a scan, chances of survival increase in a great way. At that moment, things become real. Even though the field and baby were there already.

Now you walk in, remember, God wants you to be fruitful, but the Devil does not. Once you’re in, the Devil wants you to do the same thing as when you were outside.

The Devil’s Plan

He doesn’t want you to do anything. He wants you to see the brown land and think, you’ve wasted all this time outside, there’s no point. And then he will try to distract you, with the same things as stage 1.

He’s tricks never change. But now that you’ve walked into your field, you have the 4 boundaries around protecting you. You can see and hear distractions, but they are further away, because you have moved closer to God.

When you do things like this, you defeat him. This moves you closer to God and keeps you more protected.

Think about Jesus’ temptations in Luke Chapter 4. He quoted the Word with every temptation. Then the Bible says, the Devil left him for a season.

With total focus on God’s Word, that is the safest place to be. Click To Tweet If you walk in and do nothing, it stops you from bearing much fruit. This is why Stage three is next.

Stage 3 To Overcoming Spiritual Warfare

I then explained how once you walk in, to bear much fruit, you must sow good seeds.

Now you cover the whole land with seeds. Good seeds.The 5 stages - Overcoming Spiritual Warfare

Again, the Devil does not want you planting any seeds. And if you do, he wants you to plant bad seeds that discourage you from planting seeds in the future. God wants you to produce much fruit, so God wants you to plant good seeds, and water them well.

What you need here is patience. You see the brown land, and it takes time in the sun to plant all the seeds. But you have confidence from knowing, good seed sowing means much fruit in harvest.

Harvest is coming regardless of what you do, so it makes sense to sow well, to expect well.

This is the hardest part in the 5 stages because it takes real work to do. Sowing is much harder than staying outside, walking inside, or stages 4 and 5.

The Devil will try to distract you again here, but as you work the ground, you don’t have time to get distracted. This is why he will try and encourage you take shortcuts, and sow bad seeds that are not fruitful. This is why doing your job well is important.

Stage 4 To Overcoming Spiritual Warfare

The 5 stages - Overcoming Spiritual WarfareI then explained the 2nd phase of the dark green in this drawing. Stage 4 is when time has now passed and it’s harvest. Your seeds have produced fruit, if you did stage 3 right.

This is a time of rejoicing. The Devil wanted to keep you outside, but you made it in, worked the ground and have produced much fruit. You got focused on God and He has protected you, given you the space to sow, and now to reap the harvest.

This is what Jesus was talking about when he said, if you abide in me, you will bare much fruit. When you abide in God, you use the gifts and blessings God has given you, to complete your mission.

Think about how Joseph used his dreams and interpretations. They led him to Egypt, to get out of prison, and to rule the Egyptian empire.

If he didn’t interpret dreams in prison, he would not have met pharaoh. Joseph shared his dreams with his family, his brothers hated him for it, then he ended up a slave. When he used his gifts and prospered, he got thrown in prison for a crime he did not commit.

And when in prison, he did not look back and say…

My gift is getting me in trouble. I’m not using it anymore.

Many have stopped and lost hope. But he continued and it was now clear what Joseph could see, but others didn’t. Joseph was fruitful, because he focused on serving God, despite what happened. But it didn’t only bless him.

Stage 5 To Overcoming Spiritual Warfare

Stage 5 is the lighter green area in the field. With stage 5, I explained in the conversation something from the Old Testament. But this is still relevant today. In many ways.The 5 stages - Overcoming Spiritual WarfareThis is 1 of the reasons God want’s you to be fruitful.

I explained how, God told the people to enjoy the fruit of their labour. But God said, leave the boundaries, for the stranger and the poor, like widows and orphans to enjoy.

Your blessings are not only for you. God knows this, and so does the Devil. This is why he doesn’t want you, in the field at all.

If you let spiritual attacks to stop you, stagger, or slow you down, you are not only robbing yourself from fruit. You are robbing others who God wants you to help.

I didn’t have this visual illustration in the convo, but it helps explain the 5 stages.

The 5 Stages In My Life

In my life for a long time I stood outside the field. I knew I should teach the Bible but was afraid. But then I decided to start teaching. First people I knew, then online, and now both.

I entered my field and started sowing seeds. I started teaching the Bible and it’s going to the next level. This conversation was the overflow. And even this article is more overflow.

God has a mission for you. As you walk into the field and plant your seeds, fruit will come for you, but also others God wants to bless through you.

Like Jesus said, the Devil will do everything to stop you. But when you trust in the Spirit of God to guide you, there’s nothing he can do. The easy way to live out these five stages is to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit, not your own power.

I pray these 5 stages serve you well. God bless, and see you on the next one. Remember, Satan wants to put limits on you, but God wants you to be limitless by trusting in Him. I talk more about this, here. God Bless.

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He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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2 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    I have been scammed so many times that I haven’t been able to keep up with my bills for the last few years. I have gone hungry but even then, God helped me through it. He always saw to it that I had food. I got involved with a man online from Nigeria. He is a surgeon. In fact he worked with Doctors Without Borders, that’s how he ended up contacting me. Because I had spoken to Doctors Without Borders, they wanted me to donate, and I could notat the time. And we got talking about things and I ended up talking about my health. Now, I’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, lung disease that is incurable and they give you they say two to seven years to live with it. I’m going on my third year. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, a hole in my heart valve, High cholesterol, spinal stenosis, sleep apnea, vertigo, tinnitus, high blood pressure, etc. So that’s why he contacted me. He came to Canada to visit me, and that was over a year ago and we still haven’t seen each other and he’s only 3 hours away from me. But he calls them terrorists, that have gotten ahold of him. He has a lot of money in Nigeria because he also had Bitcoin mining machines. But they took that from him. Then he found out that somebody stole his identity. The so-called terrorists that got ahold of him, when they drugged him, they put all kinds of microchips throughout his body. He actually showed me the x-rays or CT scan or whatever it was. You could see them all through his body. He has a daughter. The story is much much longer but he kept getting caught every time he tried coming out here. And he found out later it was because of the chips in his body, and they were tracking him with his phone. I ended up giving most of my check that I get every month from the government because I’m a senior, to him. They placed viruses in him and he had to get something from Turkey to get this virus out of him and actually turned his hair a different color. We did a video call where he showed me what he had to do to get this virus out. And that’s a whole other story. We wanted to have a Ministry where we witnessed to people because he is a Christian. But for some reason every time I would pay for him to get a cab out and that was usually $300 to $400 every time, or a friend to pick him up, for some reason he had an excuse or he was scared that they would find him again because he said they also like to harvest organs from the Africans that come out here. So this last time I told him make sure your phone is on so my friend can contact you when she is ready to pick you up. So she tried contacting him as well as I did and his phone was off. So I told him I’ve had enough. I finally realize that he was just scamming me, and I’m done with him. But I did love him and I do love him. So I prayed asking the Lord to please see to it that he gets here on his own without me helping him at all, if he truly does love me and want to be with me., and if it’s the Lord’s will. So I was living pretty depressed. I still haven’t got all my bills paid and the debt collectors are after me. I won’t even answer my phone if I don’t know the number anymore. I also want to mention that when my friend was contacting the doctor via WhatsApp, as soon as they made plans for her to pick him up, and they got off of WhatsApp, she got a message from somebody she doesn’t on WhatsApp, saying don’t pick Dr Michael up. He knows things that he’s not allowed to share. And then she said they showed her on her WhatsApp some top secret papers, and she said she hadn’t asked them for it but apparently they said that he knew something about covid. She had just downloaded WhatsApp because I asked her to because that’s the only way she could contact my friend. So we’re both kind of worried about how somebody got her WhatsApp number and this was the first time she even was on it. So I’m assuming that his phone is still being tracked. Because she said she was still going to pick him up. But like I said, I’m having nothing to do with them until or if God brings him here. But every time I tried to invest to get money, I was scammed. Apparently the investors I went with were scammers. Every single one of them. So I started getting upset with God. Why would everybody else make money, but every single time I tried, I got scammed? I still don’t understand why God didn’t allow me to make money like other people. But then I came to realize that God is God. He has his reasons for everything. And this is probably a lesson he wants me to learn somehow. Maybe to put my full trust in Him instead. I don’t know. I read the Word daily, because I send it to friends on WhatsApp voice message, they live in Africa. I read the 1 year Bible to them everyday, and share Christian things with them. I know it’s the enemy that was doing all that to me. Although I have to take blame for it also. I asked the Holy Spirit for discernment. And I don’t believe I have it yet because I still believe what everybody says. Or I don’t believe anybody at all anymore. I grew up in a generation that we didn’t have to doubt what people said to us. We knew they kept to their word. Some of the scammers were also people that would talk with me about God. One said oh I would never scam you because God would deal with me. And he scammed me. But anyway I want to get stronger in the Lord. I’m always doubting myself because I never had an education. I was on my own at the age of 15. Taken away from my parents at the age of four. I have read the Bible cover to cover seven times. And I am having a hard time remembering everything I’ve read. Well not having a hard time remembering so much as not being able to explain it properly to people. And that really frustrates me. Also when I pray for people, I get all flustered and my prayers don’t come out very good. So if you could pray for me I would really appreciate that. Thank you for your teachings, and I pray God continues to bless you beyond measure. Thank you, and God bless.

    • Israel says:

      Thank you so much for sharing some of your story. I’m sorry to hear people like this man have scammed you so many times. But I’m glad your faith in God is still there. The Devil wants you to lose faith, that’s why he sends people like that man. But don’t let him win.

      He wants Christians to put money into his pockets to fund more evil. Instead of for God’s Kingdom so the Kingdom will grow. That’s why it feels like you can never solve your money problems.

      There are so many scammers today doing the vilest things to people. If that man wanted to see you, he would come and see you. It looks like he presented himself as a victim for you to feel sorry for him and send him your money every month.

      Don’t send him anymore money and he will likely start showing you his true colours.

      I will keep you in my prayers.

      Thank you for your words of encouragement also. Talk soon. God bless.

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