Andrew Tate’s Dumb Reason For Leaving Christianity!

Andrew Tate left Christianity about a year ago. But in interviews since, he continues to share the reasons he left and became a Muslim. The reasoning is foolish. And this is one reason people keep asking him about it. This article will cover a recent podcast where he was asked about leaving Christianity.

Andrew Tate’s Foolish Reason For Leaving Christianity

The host starts by asking…

You know you’re converting to Islam, was that kind of like a PR stunt?

Tate Responds…

Absolutely not. I think that it is the last religion on earth. If you believe in God; you’re a Muslim.

You are about to hear the foolish reason Andrew Tate left Christianity to become a Muslim; this way you won’t make the same mistake as him.

It starts with a question from Andrew, listen to this…

What’s a Christian?

You are about to hear a great reply from the host. It shows the foolish reasoning from anybody who leaves Christianity because of this, and it will strengthen your faith as a Christian too.

Lets Answer Andrew’s question

What is a Christian? A Christian is someone like me or you, who knows all immoral actions should get punished. We also know we have done at least one immoral thing in life. And we know if that is true, we are in trouble. That’s why a Christian like us believes Jesus’ death on the cross makes the payment for our immoral actions.

That’s what makes us a Christian. And because we believe this, it motivates us to follow the Bible, not our emotions or our feelings, but the Bible.

That’s what the Bible says a Christian is.

Now let’s listen to the wonderful reply from the host. This highlights the folly in Andrew Tate’s reasons for leaving Christianity.

The Host Destroys Tate’s Reasoning With One Question

“Well, what’s a Muslim? What’s any other religious belief?”

By a simple reversal of the question, Andrew Tate now must give an answer.

Any answer he gives at this point will destroy the point he made about Christianity. I will show you in a moment. This is why people keep asking him about leaving Christianity, his reasoning does not make sense.

What’s a Muslim?

Someone who believes in Muhammad as a prophet. Someone who believes the Quran is the word of God, and someone who follows the teachings of the book, not their feelings or emotions, but the Quran.

That’s what the Quran says a Muslim is. It’s important you know what it means to be a Christian or a Muslim so as we continue, you see the problem with Andrew Tate’s arguments.Andrew TateTate continues…

If you do not have strong parameters because of your religious beliefs, then you’re not religious, and Christians no longer have strong parameters. Everyone says they’re a Christian; nobody acts like a Christian.

If you don’t have strong parameters or boundaries, you’re not religious. That makes sense. We discussed the boundaries to be a Christian or a Muslim a moment ago. If you don’t follow those boundaries, you are not religious. We are all agreed, the boundaries define us.

But then he says, “and Christians no longer have strong parameters.”

This is a contradiction!. If you are a Christian, your boundaries never change, the same way if you’re a Muslim, your boundaries never change.

Think About This Example

Imagine you have a bowl and you put fish inside, only you can put fish in or remove them from the bowl. Your fish also always stay in the bowl. Let’s say they even get close at times to leaving the bowl, but you know, your fish always stay in the bowl, and you’re the only one that can put fish in it. It’s impossible for your fish to leave the bowl.

One day you come home, and there are loads of fish on the floor. Each fish has a tag on it that says “I left your bowl.”

You would know immediately they are not your fish, because if they were your fish, they would be in the bowl. In that example, the bowl is what makes you Christian; if you are not in the bowl, you are not a Christian.

When Andrew Tate says, “Christians no longer have boundaries” it’s impossible for that to be true.

He then says,

everyone says they are a Christian, but nobody acts like a Christian.”

So if you don’t act like a Christian, are you a Christian? It’s like me meeting someone who says they’re a Muslim but does not accept Muhammad as a prophet; I would know immediately he is not a Muslim because I know the boundaries of a Muslim.

Let’s continue.

“I don’t respect it anymore, and that’s why I had to revert to Islam.”

Andrew Tate Doesn’t Like Fake Christians

He doesn’t like that there are loads of fake Christians in the world, so he became a Muslim. But there’s data showing in Muslim countries, millions say they are Muslims but are not. They are secret unbelievers.

I don’t like fake Christians too, but there are two reasons I wouldn’t leave Christianity because of them:

1. The Bible prepares me for this.

True Christians read the Bible. I’ll give you some examples.

Jesus gives a famous story of a man who sowed seeds in his field. Someone wicked came along and sowed tares among the wheat.

Wheat and tares seem the same in the early stages, but later it is clear they are different. It’s the same with someone who says they are Christian but is not. As time passes, it is clear if you are a wheat or a tare.

Another example is more startling. There are times in the Bible where most profess faith but go into idolatry and worship false gods. This means Andrew, in these times, would do exactly what he did now. He would leave the faith because the idolaters seemed more devout.

2. The second reason I wouldn’t leave because of many fake Christians is Christianity is true.

Imagine I said I stopped believing 1 + 1 is 2 because people all around the world are saying 1 + 1 is 2, but when you look at them, work it out, they show a different answer. You would say, That’s foolish, wouldn’t you?. Because it is.

Truth is not determined by what people say or because many people follow it strictly; it's true because it is. Click To Tweet

This means this conversion is not about truth for Andrew Tate, but what the most people are following. He’s afraid to stand for truth against the masses in religion, at the same time, he says he fights for truth against the masses to beat the matrix system. Make it make sense.

Tate’s Christian Upbringing

I was raised in a Christian household, my family is actually extremely religious. I live in a very Christian nation, but I don’t see Christianity. This is the most Christian nation on earth, and you do see i. If I drive into the mountains, you’ll see nuns; there’s nunneries, they have huge churches here. You can see it a little bit in Romania, you can feel the Christian aspect to it…

Which is it? Can he see Christianity or not? He said he can see it, but then he says he can’t see it. Let’s continue.

But in general, if you look at most Christian countries in the west, it’s insane.

You want to hear what he says happened to a Christian man next, trust me. But this is the problem.

Andrew Tate says, look at these Christian countries in the west. These countries he’s speaking about are not Christian countries, at least not anymore.

America started on Christian values, but every decade continues to remove more and more of it. It’s the same in the UK and other places.

Remember the boundaries we spoke about earlier? Any country not in those boundaries would not be a Christian. Andrew Tate should say, these countries are no longer Christians, this is what actual Christians say. But he turns around and says these are Christian nations.

Andrew’s Funny But Wrong Story

Listen to the story he tells about this Christian man…

A man just got charged with a hate crime for removing the head of a devil statue that Satanist had put inside a church, and he took the head off it, and he is being charged with a hate crime. Him, in a Christian country.

Let’s look at what really happened.

This is the man, and this is the statue.

It says (article written by ChristianPost)

A US Navy veteran who toppled a satanic display in the Iowa state capital shortly before Christmas has been charged with felony mischief and a hate crime.

This is not a church. It’s a government building. This same government building is hosting a Planned Parenthood lobby day at the end of the month.

Michael Cassidy, 35, made headlines in December when he travelled from Mississippi to Des Moines and pushed over a red cloaked statue of Baphomet where it stood near a Nativity scene. The statue, which had been erected by the Iowa chapter of the Satanic Temple, was in front of a candlelit altar adorned with the 7 Fundamental tenets of the organization, which claims not to believe in a personal devil.

He was free to knock it over. He felt compelled and is willing to take the consequences, but he’s been able to raise over $100,000 for legal fees, so I’m sure he will be fine.

One thing Cassidy did say, shows how far America has fallen though…

The people who wrote our Constitution would be shocked to think of defending Satan as consistent with their beliefs when they wrote the laws that govern our nation.

It’s not hard to see things have changed.

Tate’s Problem With Fake Christians

Christianity has lost all of its merits as a religion. If you do not have strong parameters of what is right and what is wrong and if you’re afraid to say them. Go to a Christian and say,

“Is homosexuality allowed? Do you agree with it?” And they’re gonna pussyfoot around the question. They’re gonna say, Well, you, people can make your own choices; God loves everyone. The Bible says no.

Is it wrong? People can make their own choices, but let’s get serious. Anyone who knows what the Bible says will tell you it’s wrong, like sex before marriage and cheating on your wife…why?

Because, like Andrew Tate said, the Bible says so.

Anybody who doesn’t follow the boundaries of the Bible is not a Christian.

Tate Continues…

I’m not gonna be part of a religion or adhere to a religion that doesn’t have strict beliefs because then it’s not religion anymore. If you tolerate everything, you stand for nothing.

This Reason To Convert Doesn’t Make Sense & It Backfires

The same way you are not a Muslim if you don’t follow the Quran, you are not a Christian if you don’t follow the Bible. This is like saying I gave up using money because there’s too much fake money in the world.

So there’s only Islam left. Now I’m not gonna insult Christians.

You just did.

I believe that there’s one God, this theory of mine might get me in trouble with Muslims also, I don’t know, this, this is just how I view it. I believe there’s one God, and I believe the different religions are perhaps different languages to say the same thing.

You can say coffee cup in German, you can say coffee cup in English, but it’s still a coffee cup. There are different ways to say the same thing.

And this is something Muslims like to say often, in fact, the Muslim who mocked a Christian in a recent article did the same thing and got exposed big time. Read it next. God bless.

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