Muslim Mocks Christian But Ends Up Embarrassing Himself: Christian Vs Muslim Debate (My Response)

I saw a debate recently. It was Christian Vs Muslim. I’m not quite sure why the Muslim Shaykh posted this on his channel. It seems to embarrass the Christian. But it ended up backfiring. Let’s start with the question the Shaykh (Uthman Ibn Farooq) asks. This already shows why he should not have shared it.

Christian Vs Muslim Debate

[Muslim] You think the Bible was originally written in English?

[Christian] Off course it is.

[Muslim] It was originally written in Koine Greek, but you think Jesus spoke English?

[Christian] Oh , yeah of course yes.

Why would this popular Muslim street preacher post this video of this man? Other than to mock Christians and make it seem like we are crazy?

As you read the quotes, you can see there’s something wrong with this man. But the crazy thing is, once you hear the street preacher’s argument, he is the real joke in the debate.

He’s arguing with this guy, but his own argument debunks him. It shows how weak his arguments against Christianity are. So be confident as a Christian that you’re in the truth. Every argument gets destroyed.

The street preacher knows this doesn’t look good, that’s why he puts disclaimers at the start of his video.

He says,

“according to local store owners, the man is not drunk or mentally ill.”

But how will they know his condition? But even if that is the case, why post a video with someone who is so unresponsive to you? Or a Christian who says Jesus spoke English? He’s not the kind of person you need to broadcast if you want to spread truth.

This is like me talking to a Muslim who doesn’t know the Quran and mocking him and posting it. That’s weak.

The Powerful Question From The Christian

Until this point, the preacher is saying, Muslims worship the same God which is false. But listen to the question this man asks the street preacher about Jesus.

[Christian] When he looks to God. That’s his dad isn’t it?

[Muslim] No.

[Christian] God is his dad?

[Muslim] No. You think God had sex with Mary?

The Quran strictly forbids anybody being called God’s son (in any sense of the word). This is why, even though something is clearly wrong with the Christian, it didn’t matter.

If you look at his face as he asks “you think God slept with Mary?” You would think he was Denzel the way he tried to stay serious.Christian vs Muslim DebateThere’s a special reason why he asked this, but I’ll tell you why later in the article. Also, when you hear what the street preacher says a few minutes later, you will see how he exposes himself. But before that, think about it.

The man asks is Jesus the Son of God, but he replies no. Then he says did God sleep with Mary? I don’t know if he thinks Christians like you are fools, or he thinks his own audience are fools. But he knows the Bible doesn’t teach this. No Christian who knows the Bible would ever say God slept with Mary.

The Virgin Birth

The virgin birth is not a Christian Vs Muslim thing. Both believe it happened. And both say nothing of any relations between God and Mary.

Look at what Luke 2:35 says. This is after Mary asks, “how am I going to have a child if I have not had any relationships with a man?

And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon you, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow you: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of shall be called the Son of God.

It’s going to be a miracle. The same way God created Adam and Eve. The same way God did many miracles. And that’s why it says two verses later in Luke 2:37, For with God nothing shall be impossible. Click To Tweet

And when you look at Matthew’s Gospel it says as plain as day, Joseph did nothing with Mary, until after Jesus was born

But even though I’m sure he knows this, the reason he asked that question is because of the Quran.

Muslims Illogical Argument Against Jesus’ Sonship

The God of the Quran asks,

“How could he have a son when he does not have a companion [i.e., wife]?”

This is a clear attack on Jesus but follow the logic.

The God of the Quran could only have a son if he had a wife. The implication is by sexual conduct too.

This is why the street preacher asked this silly question. This is illogical.

But he’s spent all this time trying to claim Muslims believe in the same God. But it gets worse.

Even More Foolish Debate Tactics

A few seconds later he tries to explain himself. He now asks the man about Jesus.

[Muslim] Who is Jesus’ Father?

[Christian] God.

[Muslim] Who is Jesus’ mother?

Noticeable pause…

[Christian] Mary.

Did they get married?

This is the foolishness you get led to when you don’t know how to make a sound argument.

Jesus is the Son of God by nature. As a man, His mother is Mary. And even Roman Catholics don’t believe or teach Mary was the mother of Jesus’ divinity. Although I’m not a Roman Catholic, if I don’t explain what they believe, you end up looking like this street preacher. It’s foolish.

But it gets worse. After asking the foolish question of did God marry Mary, look at what he asks now…

So he had a child out of wedlock?

I shouldn’t be laughing, but can you see how he is the real joke of this debate, not the man?

I’ll remind you, the reason he is asking these questions is because for the God of the Quran to have a child, he needs a wife. He is taking his belief and applying it to Christianity. But when you make sound arguments, you do the opposite.

It’s like if I was an NFL player and said, the NBA is not good because it doesn’t have touchdowns. If it had touchdowns, it would be American football, not basketball. The point is, it’s a different sport, with different rules. So you judge the game or religion based on its own rules.

Uthman Ibn Farooq Exposes Himself

So remember the Christian asked this question earlier…

When he looks to God that’s his dad isn’t it?


God is his dad?

No. You think God had sex with Mary?

Now listen to him expose himself when he says this a few minutes later…

Allah orders and we are, Allah can make a child without a father and mother like Adam, He can make a child without a father and mother From the rib of Adam, like Eve. He can order and a child can be born without a father, like Jesus. Those are all in the hand of God by the order of God.

Three minutes after asking if God slept with Mary, he says God can create a child with His Word. He debunked himself, contradicted the Quran passage I mentioned earlier. And this is why he’s the joke from the debate, not the man.

Even More Contradictions

But before you go, he contradicted himself again. Listen to what he says a few minutes later…

Let me let me just finish with one thing.


I’ll let you go. If you believe in the God that Jesus believed in, then that’s the same God, I believe.

He believes in the God Jesus believed in, but before when asked if Jesus is the Son he said no. But Jesus knew He was the Son of God.

When he looks to God, that’s his dad isn’t it?


God is his dad.

No. You think God had sex with Mary?

And One more thing… the street preacher kept spreading the lie Jesus prayed like a Muslim. Here’s a article destroying that fast…God Bless.

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