Is The Trinity True (3 Bad Arguments Against it)

Is the Trinity true or false? As Christians we believe it is true, because its Biblical. Today I will engage 3 bad arguments from Muslim apologist Mohammed Hijab.

He has posted 2 shorts in the last year showing why the Trinity is false. He has a logical argument, then 2 historical arguments. I will expose all 3. But isn’t it funny, the apparent knockdown arguments, have nothing to say about any Bible verses?

Is The Trinity True Or False?

This is what Mohammed Hijab says first…

This completely debunks the Trinity, completely destroys the Trinity. If you want an easy way to destroy the Trinity of the Christians. This is one of the best logical ways.

So you heard it yourself. This is the opening by famous defender of Islam, Mohammed Hijab. He says he has the easy way to destroy the Trinity with logic.

Is Jesus all powerful? Yes, he is. Is the Father all powerful? Yes, he is. If they go against each other, who’s going to win in a fight?

Yes, Jesus is all powerful, yes the Father is all powerful, but the question shows clear error in his understanding of the Trinity.

All 3 persons in the Trinity share the same nature, that’s what makes them God, that’s what makes them all powerful. But it also shows the flaw in the question. if all 3 persons (not beings), share the same nature, they are united in every decision. This is the clear unity shown in the Bible.

Hijab wants you to believe the Father and Jesus are separate in nature, then they could disagree or fight each other. According to the Bible, Jesus would never fight the Father or Holy Spirit and vice versa. It’s not because one is stronger than the other, or one would let the other win. They share the same nature, and so would never disagree.

It’s like 2 men saying, let’s say we are not men. They are men, they can only be men, they could never disagree with that, that’s the limit God has put on man’s nature. This is why when Jesus takes on a human nature and enters creation, he submits to the Father. Jesus doesn’t do anything in disagreement to the Father or Holy Spirit and vice versa.

Illogical Questions To Prove The Trinity Is False

He asks later in that video, “would they draw, who would win?

I showed you why that doesn’t make sense when you know what the Trinity is. But isn’t it funny that he misspoke in the video? This is what he says…

Who would fight?

That is the question he should have stayed on and thought about answering. That question would destroy his logical debunking of the Trinity, but instead, he doubles down. Listen to what he says next,

Who would win, Jesus or God, or the Father. Come on, ask the Christian if Jesus wills something and the Father wills something and they are different because they’re two different persons, who’s going to win?

This is what Christians know that people who think like him don’t. The will of the Father is the will of the Son and the will of the Holy Spirit, that’s God’s will. One will, one nature, one being, three persons. It’s not a compromise because that implies they were at odds, but you don’t need to compromise with someone if they are in total agreement.

He doesn’t understand the doctrine of the Trinity or he’s choosing to misrepresent it.

Lets move to short #2, because like I said, this isn’t the only time Mohammed Hijab destroyed the Trinity.

Does History Prove The Trinity Is False?

Where is the Trinity in 300 years if it is a basic natural inference of the Old Testament? How could you have 4,000 years of Hebrew history, no one has inferred it?

The way he’s asking where is the Trinity, doesn’t it remind you of the movie Blood Diamond? You know the part where the guy is hiding the diamond but screaming like a madman, where is the diamond?

Screaming and shouting does not mean you are right. Speaking with confidence doesn’t mean you are right either. This is one of the things that helped me a lot with developing my faith and I want you to do the same. When I removed bravado, confidence, and perceived intellect, it changes a lot, it’s so much easier to get to truth when you do this.

This is why Paul says we take every argument captive, because we can. The more you realize this, the more your faith in God grows.

Let’s deal with the argument.

Hijab starts by asking, where’s the Trinity in 300 years. He means in the 300 years between Jesus’ resurrection and the council of Nicaea. The Council of Nicaea was in 325 AD. Bishops from all over the Roman Empire debated if Jesus is a created being, they debated whether Jesus was of the same essence as the Father.

Those arguing like we do today that Jesus is of the same substance as the Father won.

It’s funny because when you think about it, what would they debate over?

…The Bible. But people like Mohammed Hijab now say this is the council that invented the Trinity, or this is where Jesus became God. He then asks about the Old and New Testament. Let’s start with the 300 year gap, first let’s analyse the faulty logic he’s using.

I don’t agree, but let’s say he’s right, and from Jesus’ crucifixion to Nicaea, no one taught the Trinity, that would not matter. It sounds like it would matter at first, but what matters most for Christians is what the Bible says. If he’s right, in a worst-case scenario, some Christians for 300 years got the Bible wrong. I’ll say it again, I’m not saying that happened, but it doesn’t follow that the Trinity would be false.

You can use the same argument with the Jews too. I don’t agree, but even if no Jew ever mentioned the beliefs of the Trinity, how will this mean it’s false? It wouldn’t. Christians don’t go based on what we or Jews say. We go based on what the book says, not our feelings.

God’s Logic Works

God has given us reason to see clear truth. Everyone of reasonable age knows, 1 + 1 equals 2. But imagine me shouting at the top of my lungs 1 + 1 = 5.

Imagine I spoke In King’s English and said 1 + 1 = 5, yes, hahhahahaa, cheerio.

No matter how much confidence or how articulate I say it, it’s still utter foolish. Remind yourself of that the next time someone attacks the Bible, truth is all that matters.

The Bible Forces Us To Accept The Trinity As True

Let me give you another example. When the Bible says, God created alone, but the same Bible also says the Holy Spirit created and also says the Son created, we have 2 options. Either there’s a contradiction in the book, or God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit

If God means God, create means create, and alone means alone, these are the only reasonable options. And the other inference here is, God is one, yet distinct in some sense. This is why context matters. Anyone of a reasonable age can understand and follow that logic, whether we like it, or understand how God works in a perfect way is a different question. But what does the book say and teach, that’s what matters most to the believer.

Hijab Continues…

If it’s a natural reading of the New Testament, how comes you have 300 years and no church father believed in Nicene Trinitarianism the way that you believe today?

Again it’s like he thinks nobody can have an opinion. There are church fathers who believed, spoke, or understood the Trinity different. The same way there are Muslims who understand Islam in a different way than he does today.

But how do we see who is right?

You look at the claims of everyone and see what matches the book closest. The Bible teaches God has an equal, He enters creation, and that He would be born of a woman.

There are many people who don’t like this, but that’s what the Bible teaches. If someone doesn’t like that God has an equal, you must deal with the clear Bible verses saying this, and then deal with the implications.

He tried to mock us for believing in the Trinity and failed, it was the same when the Muslim man mocked a Christian but exposed himself in my recent article too, and that’s why you should read that article, next. God bless.

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