The Great Escape…Or was it?

I want to ask a simple question to start, what do the two pictures below (Hitler and Argentina) have in common?

Up until a month ago, published work would probably have said nothing, now it seems that new researchers have overwhelming evidence, which proves that Adolf Hitler actually fled from Germany with Eva Braun, and finally became deceased in South America. I was reading through some articles on the news a few weeks back, and came across this strange piece. This piece which was talking about Adolf Hitler. I am the kind of person who likes to learn about history, so I decided to read it. This new study had accounts of people who were alive at the time, who gave interviews of his lifestyle.

To be completely honest, there are several things which make this hard to believe for me, I will mention a few. Firstly we are talking about one of the most dangerous leaders of the 20th century, being allowed to escape and live a common life abroad seems completely far fetched. How could people know this man was still alive and leave him to lead a new life in the sun? Adding to this point, people can actually come forward and provide evidence for work carried out in a study, doesn’t seem realistic.
Secondly, he was taught about to most in school and I think that would mean we were all deceived in school because I remember the story ending with Hitler dying.

Just because the story seems hard to believe, it does not mean I am completely writing it off. I’m sure there was an explanation that came with these theories but I did not come across these in the short article. I’m sure if i studied the whole project I would find there factors which make them believe there findings, I believe they would be convincing arguments also.
The second point I made however about school did make me think about something, School does not always teach the correct history. A school curriculum is based on a syllabus, which is created by a governing body. If that body, chooses to portray history a certain way then no doubt they could do so. I’m sure in American schools Afghanistan is spoken of as a potential terrorist training ground but recent events have shown us that what was said to be there was not found. This leads people to believe it was an oil job and nothing else.

We know that the media has an agenda and portrays the message to the public, which they want viewers to create in there minds, through the way in which the message is relayed. A school is no different!

What do you think, Is Hitler actually dead and bones somewhere in Germany or did he make this great escape?


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