Spell check!

I made a decision a few weeks ago to stop using spell checker. The reason being is, I found countless times that my work was filled with errors. These were errors the programme which is spell checker could not understand as errors, and it started to make me think, I can’t keep on relying on it. It is the same old principle, “You only know what you will deliver, you really can not rely on others.”

Checking for errors in your work is something we should all do. Instead of pressing F7 at the end of an article, and waiting to see all the red lines disappearing, go through your work and correct the mistakes, and there will be some. I remember reading over some previous work and seeing some simple stupid mistakes and saying to myself “How could you do this?” The reason I could do this I said to myself is “I did not go over my work and I trusted in something which was created by an imperfect person.” Due to this truth it would in fact have imperfections. A brief read through work after writing only takes a few moments, having much greater reward for you. I know myself, I very much dislike reading and finding mistakes on websites, it seems so unprofessional. I can’t potentially imagine what people were doing when they read my work. I picture faces cringing in despair.

Take time and proof. 



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