The Franchise Model

I just want to take a short time to discuss a new proposition which may be implemented in the future. There has been a few weeks to let the dust clear now, in relation to the idea that is ever-present with many premier league owners. This idea is said to be one encouraged by owners who are overseas investors, and the idea is to eradicate the relegation and promotion model from the league. This kind of franchise model actually took me by storm, as I thought, even those owners from abroad still respect the game of football, and the Cinderella-like journey some teams make to England’s highest level. If teams were not allowed to earn promotion, we would not be seeing teams like Manchester City so successful. We only have to look back ten years or so, to when Manchester City regained premier league status.
You would think owners would remain faithful to the traditions, however, at the end of the day it is about money and a business investment for most. Realistically owners owe supporters small, if any obligation. We can see this in action currently with the name of Newcastle’s home ground “St James’ Park” has been changed to The Sport Direct Arena.

The franchise model is something common in America, and soon it may be on our doorsteps. When i think on this model, several questions arise in my thoughts…What teams deserve this privilege? Why should one business (team) be allowed this opportunity, due to the chance of being in the league now? Do we pick the best clubs or the best run financially?

I think vast thought should be taken before any such change is orchestrated. Are we really ready to let go of pictures like this?

As always let me know your thoughts.


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