Time Talks!

During the course of the day, do you find yourself looking at the clock and wondering where it has all gone?When you come to this point in the day, do yo take time to reflect on previous events in the day, and assess what the time which has gone was devoted to? Are you the kind of person who dedicates a certain time, to each of your daily activities? If so, how seriously do you take your devotion? Is there a specific time to eat, sleep, speak on the cell phone, browsing the internet and so on?

Do you panic when you miss a meal, thinking when can I make that meal later in the day?

Are you a person that sets parameters of what to do in a certain time frame? Do you think this is better than being so stringent and strict? You may miss a meal but still know that you can find an alternative? Maybe you are a person who just lets the day tackle them. The fact is, some people have work for eight hours a day and work around that time, some have nothing to do and just live as they please. Some say that sleeping is for wealthy-less people.

Whoever you are…A rich individual, you will obviously have an opinion on time and where it goes. You will find yourself running out of hours to spend your money or make it.

If you are less favorable in regards to money then you will no doubt be very conscious of time, as you need as much time as possible to beg for money, work for money and think about ways to provide for yourself or family.

The reason I choose these specifics is because I want to use to examples which are completely on opposite sides of the spectrum, in order to highlight the point that time is subject to no-one but God. Whether you are the richest in the land or the individual with the poorest credit history, it means nothing in the time scenario.
Time is something that the Wisest man in the land dedicated time to.He took time out and decided to speak about time in one’s life. When speaking about time, Solomon indicated at the forefront of his message, the everything in life, there is a designated time! Living, dying, eating, sleeping, growing, reaping, teaching, weeping. Whether you choose to acknowledge these things in life, they will find you and cause you to take part.

Time Talks but does ……Listen? So many people see time as an enemy, which is because no time has been taken to build a rapport. Communicate with time in time will listen. designate your life to embracing the time you have here and fulfill your duties set for you on Earth.


God bless



He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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