Fact Vs. Opinion volume 1

I have found myself listening and watching the news more frequently than in previous times, this is because I like to keep myself up to date with current affairs. Although I may have specific broadcasters I watch mainly, I still have various different news organisations that I pay close attention to. Everybody effectively has an agenda and that is why I choose not to stick solely to one median. Facts are something that can generate several different interpretations, pending on how they are relayed to an audience. I write this article with the endeavor to firstly ask the reader some questions, secondly to express some facts, views and opinions, while also discussing some arguably controversial issues. I will start by stating that I am a person who is interested in the facts of any matter. I understand opinions and views are expressed but facts are and should be the binding part of a report.

The first topic I want to look into is the character Osama Bin Laden, it has come to the publics attention recently that he was assassinated while in a facility within Pakistani borders. I not only want to focus on his death but the time between the destruction of the twin towers, his capture and swift death after. Many people have there opinion on what he was doing during his period of hiding and whether he is really dead or not. Well I say opinions can last for ever and take you on journeys forever. America said he was dead and so did his organisation…case closed.

On the eve of the 10 year anniversary, people could rejoice for the fact that the man who was widely blamed for the destruction of thousands of lives had been struck down. I found myself asking the question…How can a man who is internationally known go so long without being caught? It is interesting, with apparent new videos emerging every few years shouldn’t it be easy to find the man with the vast development with technology? Well they say everyone is caught eventually and that is what happened with this man. I ask a question now though…Was it right for Bin Laden to be killed on sight or for him to stand trial, so that those who were affected can hear why he did these things accused of? If someone killed your family and then went on the run, would you want him dead without seeing him again or would you want some answers to gain closure?

A man lived in secrecy and obviously must have had some people backing him. Did something change or did the road just come to an end. I expect that his camp turned on him and started to tell America some information. How much could possibly change in this space of time for the American authorities to start finding the right things?

Looking geographically, Bin Laden is of Asian decent and would it be hard to investigate this continent from place to place until he is found? My belief is that the amount of propaganda was not proportionate to the amount of effort portrayed by the media. I am aware of the private element of a capture mission, as it could clearly ruin an investigation however to say something like we are still looking for him etc. we will bring him down does not jeopardize an operation.

Moving now to his death, I am not Muslim so I call for Muslim readers or those who know to send me messages and clear up the debate of whether his burial was in fact tradition or whether that is in fact lies. To be honest I have never heard of this but I couldn’t stake my life on it. Is the 24 hour burial rule real? For those of you who are lost -this is apparently that people should be buried within 24 hours of death.

This point of death also moves me onto my feature story which is in regards to the death penalty, with regards to last weeks victim: a man named troy Davis.

He was executed and I ask this question now. Death row yes or no? With regards to criminal law the burden is mainly placed on the prosecutors to prove beyond reasonable doubt and it has even been shown in the past that sometimes this is still not enough. Now I will highlight that I don’t know all facts and have heard from reports and stories that the case evidence was widely controversial and that he could be in fact wrongly convicted. The problem I see with the death penalty is that what about those who wrongly  get convicted? Is it because there life is on the line it is more important? What about those who are convicted on lesser crimes who are innocent? In twenty years time we may hear that Troy is acquitted of charges and that is mans life gone for nothing. You can compensate loss of life!

I anticipate comments, opinions and more importantly facts, reply to the article and I am sure we can have really good discussions about these events. Remember its all about edification.

God bless.


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