The 1 View That Matters

What is this one view that matters, and why does it matter so much?

About 10 months ago I made a major shift in how I do things!

Pretty much All things!

And I hope you’re well & ready to discover what helped me greatly as a Christian…and will definitely help you too!

(In everything you do in life)

It’s amazing how simple this is,

But recently, it kind of clicked in a new way.

In a deeper way.

You will reap the same reward, I’m sure, when you do what I did!

More Views vs God’s Message

vies vs impact

I felt the impact of this, mainly in the videos I released publicly for this ministry. Because it is always so easy to focus on how many views videos and live streams get. It’s a real struggle many Christian ministers deal with!

There are times when I’ve fast-tracked a topic, over another one, because I knew it would get my video more views.

And not because I believed the Lord wanted me to do so.

Times I’ve made a video I believe God wanted me to make,

but been upset, and downhearted,

because I knew it would not get many views.

No Views

Imagine truly believing God wants you to share something,

But on the flip side, you are so upset, because you’re so concerned… So concerned with how many people will see it,

Instead of the fact you are being obedient to God.

Looking back, I was foolish at times,

But I thank God for his grace,

For his mercy and long-suffering!…

Because without this we’re NOTHING!

Christian ministers like me have been dealing with this challenge for thousands of years when I think about it. I’m no different!


I was no different!

And I feel like God answered me in a very simple way.

I’ll tell you how in a moment!

YouTube Algorithm and Fame

But the reason I would fast-track a video,

about Kanye West preaching and praying,

or Elon Musk adding a book to the Bible for example,

over videos about keeping your Bible reading fresh,

why prayer is essential,

or whether apostles & prophets are still for today.

Is because I’d think about the YouTube algorithm,

youtube algorithm

The algorithm is how YouTube decides which videos to show you, and how certain topics get so many views.

More people are excited to watch certain topics,

Even in Christian circles.

(Even though the topic is less flashy, it will help you become a better follower of Christ). The answer I received was powerful…

“Instead of focusing and worrying about all the views you are chasing, why don’t you focus and worry about me?

I’m the 1 view that matters!

So act like it!”

I was down for the 10 count again, but it was true…

God knows how to teach me lessons

with such simple logic and reasoning,

where I know I can’t get around it.

It’s one of the reasons I love God so much.

And as I meditated on this more and more.

I just started thinking more about the

“1 view that matters!”


Jesus said we should not fear the one that kills the body, but the one who can kill the soul and body in hell. If the Enemy can get you to compromise in any little way, He is happy.

In the book of Acts, The disciples were told something, They were having success in their calling,

But the religious leaders did not say stop preaching. They just said “do not speak in his name.” 

In Jesus’ name.

They could have used the same gift they had, But because of outside influence,

They would have failed miserably.

But they succeeded.

And I know God desires for me to succeed. And I want to succeed in God’s eyes.

And I could no longer allow things like algorithms to influence me to not share the messages I truly believe the Lord wants me to share with you,

And run as fast as I can,

away from messages I could teach Biblically,

But were not messages I should be teaching,

At least not in that way.

Be The Light

So I decided…

I made a big decision…

be a light

Instead of me worrying about algorithms,

tricks and tactics to get views and subscribers,

AT THE SAKE of what God wants me to do,

focus on the God who desires you to be the unique light in the world, he wants you to be.  FOR HIS GLORY,


Are More Views Not Equal To More Souls For Jesus?



At times I told myself,

the views would bring more people closer to the Lord.

More people would understand God’s Word,

More people would be rescued from the false Bible teaching flooding the internet.

But a key Bible passage I’ve always gone back to, always would hit me right bang on the face…

“Israel…Obedience is better than sacrifice!”

So even if it means, going against best practices that please men, rather than God.


You can literally switch in anything, and it will still apply,

Because I did not just stop at making videos like this,

Thinking about the one view that matters.

How To Apply This Lesson On The 1 View That Matters

Let me share some ways it hit me,

which I know can help you as well… The only view that matters

I meditated on things like:

What does God think about my preparation,

when I make my videos for example?

I normally like to take time with study,

with teaching, with releasing a video,

but God saw me rushing videos at times.

What does he think about this?

What does God think about the effort I put in,

when researching my videos?

When it comes to studying God’s Word,

I spend hours and hours in preparation, to make it right,

and to be true to God’s Word.

It’s one of the reasons my livestreams are so far apart right now. That is who I really am.

But some of my videos I rushed,

for the sake of views…




What would God say if he was reading my emails I write to my audience,

or articles written on my website?

or If he sat down…picked up the remote,

And started watching my videos like this one?

It Is Now A Constant

planning on the one view that matters

I use to think about these questions,

but now it is a constant,


As I read books in preparation for my livestreams and videos.

As I study the Bible,

As I have conversations,

When I feel like being lazy,

or cutting corners,

I remember,

God is the one watching me.

Every second.

Without any bathroom breaks!

He is the one view I should be focused on,

Not chasing thousands and millions of views.

And the Bible says this all over.

The Bible says we should

“Work as unto the Lord!”


And this is what it truly means…

Apply This To Your Life

Personally, I think this applies even more so when talking about ministry. So I’ve been doing this in different areas of my life,

and it has made things better in so many different ways. Try it and I promise you.

You will not regret it

See you soon,


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He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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