Back on the Bike #2 – Action Stimulates Energy…

Day #2 of bike riding came and went. Unlike day#1 day #2 was different. I still didn’t use my running shoes because I still can’t find them . But things were much better. I felt energized and felt like I could keep going for longer.  I didn’t forget to eat and this gave me energy to push through. 15 Minute timer

It’s funny how a few little tweaks make such a big difference. Time did seem like it was going fast, maybe this comes from the enjoyment or the fact I am in better shape than I first thought. Either way things are looking good. I’m aiming to keep the consistency up and getting in the miles every day.

Soon I should be back to my two bike rides a day, going all out for two 15 minute bursts. If I can do that for 4/5 miles a piece, I will then be burning some real fat and getting into real shape in no time. Compound interest works like so. Ride, ride for longer, add additional sessions, then my activity is doubled. I can now do twice as much in the short 24 hour period. Now I am working harder within the same realm of time for a similar result. 

In the night-time of day #2 my legs were really hurting, I felt like I was carrying around some weights on my leg and this is how you should feel If you are doing things right. I also worked off a good sweat which will ultimately help in the long run. 




Other notes

  • Keeping fluids high
  • Getting necessary rest
  • eating food consistently
  • persevering every day


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