Permit me time to speak

The book of Job is very self explanatory in my opinion. The first few chapters layout the narrative. Something I considered however in pondering, was that although we understand through the first few chapters, it doesn’t mean the whole book would still not count or need to happen if I phrase it in a different way.

Job had three friends. All to my knowledge who did not know what happened to Job or on a deeper level did not know about what they were talking about. Three man speakers but there was also another. Someone who came into the conversation (began speaking towards the end of the book).

Job was having meetings continuously and the fact of the matter is, whether they spoke or not Job still had an appointed time with God. It doesn’t mean every time you have an opportunity to speak that you take it. The last person to speak states this same very fact.

Jesus said every idle word would be held accountable and it is. Choose your words wisely and exalt God in all.


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