Should Christians Meditate? The Shocking Biblical Truth!

Should Christians Meditate? The Shocking Biblical Truth!

Should Christians meditate, or is this something to avoid? Do not be deceived!

When you think “meditation“, What do you think first?

popular image of someone who meditates

If you’re thinking about people sitting on yoga mats, people emptying their mind and repeating mantras, this is by design!

I’m going to say something shocking…

God wants you to meditate, and in fact as you read through the Bible, meditation is repeatedly linked with God prospering you, and being successful in the thing that the Lord wants you to do.

The Devil doesn’t want you to know how powerful meditation is.

Worldly Meditation vs Biblical Meditation

I want to talk about the difference between worldly meditation and Biblical meditation.

This well help answer the question: should Christians meditate or not?

Worldly meditation is all about emptying your mind for the most part. But when you think about Biblical meditation, the Hebrew word for meditate is about “muttering/chewing”. Imagine you’re eating & filling up.

The Power of Biblical Meditation: 2 Examples from Scripture

Joshua chapter 1 & Psalm 1 are 2 of several passages linking meditating on God’s Word & success.

Joshua 1:8 and Psalm 1: The Link between Meditation and Success

Joshua1:8 is about Joshua being prosperous. But what was the key part in that equation?

God told him to meditate. And when you read about the blessed man in Psalm chapter one, success/prosperity is mentioned. But what is the key part in that equation? Meditation is there again.

The Psalms as a whole have constant reference to meditation. I’m not going to go through all of these examples today.

I’m going to give you a screenshot you can look at & read in your own time.

Psalms About Meditation 1 Timothy 4:12-16: Meditating on God’s Word to Fulfil Your Calling

I want to spend this article focusing on 1st Timothy 4:12-16. And that’s because there’s always a reason why we think we can’t be the person God wants us to be.

But look at what Paul says to Timothy.

“Let no man despise your youth but be an example of the believers” in what? “in word and in conversation in your behaviour in charity in spirit in faith and purity”

Paul is encouraging him and saying you need to be an example. Don’t think because you’re a younger person, and people are looking at you thinking you’re young, so that means you’re not important.

Following, meditating on, and actioning out God’s Word (all the way through scripture) was what elevated people to where God wanted them to go to.

So it doesn’t matter if:

  • You’re young
  • Young in the faith
  • You’re not the most gifted
  • You don’t know what the Lord wants you to do

Christians Meditate So God Can Lead Not Us!

How are you going to be the best example of a believer in what you say? It’s by constantly speaking God’s Word.

And is easier when you’ve been meditating on God’s Word.

How do you think you can be an example in your actions? It’s the same thing. By meditating on it.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, you can take the action with your hands and feet. Because the Spirit is going to draw out the Biblical things you’ve been meditating on.

And this is how God continually links your success with meditating on his Word.

Paul says “until I come give attendance” so make sure you’re doing these things, “to reading” reading God’s Word “to exhortation” exhorting people by God’s Word and “to Doctrine” teaching God’s Word.

Timothy wouldn’t be able to do these three things to fulfil his unique calling God had on his life, without being in a mind of meditation on God’s Word.

But notice what Paul says to him next which is significant. He says “don’t neglect the gift that is in you which was given you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the Presbytery”

You see, we all have a gift. And I’m not promising you your gift is going to be shouted on the rooftop. Or a prophet is going to lay hands on you.

Become A Bible Master

Just like many examples in the Bible…As you draw closer to God, as you continue to become a Bible Master as I like to say, you are meditating on God’s Word daily. And you’re acting it out, then your calling will become clearer.

As you take steps in that direction, God will give you more insights.

Paul says next “meditate upon these things give yourself wholly to them” and he says “that your profiting” your success “may appear to all”.

Paul is giving Timothy the blueprint. You can fulfil your calling, when you meditate on the things of God. And you give yourself to it.

It doesn’t say a little bit. He didn’t say some. He said “wholly”. You give everything you have to meditating on God’s Word.

And then he says, then your success, “your profiting” it says “will appear before all”.

Even though Timothy may be young, if he meditates on the right things, everybody will see God using him. And that’s why it doesn’t matter who you are.

It matters that you’re a child of God. And that you know it, believe it, and act like it daily. Paul goes on to say “take heed” or pay attention to yourself “to the doctrine” the teaching, “continue in them”. Why would you continue in the doctrine and pay attention to them?

Because “in doing this you shall both save yourself and them that hear you“.

Not only does you meditating on God’s Word bless you, but it blesses others too.

Final Thoughts on Should Christians Meditate or Not!

I said earlier don’t be deceived! And one reason is because I need you to realize, everyone meditates!

Somebody’s meditating on the things they’re afraid of. Another is meditating on the person they’re attracted to. And another is meditating on God’s Word.

Meditating on God’s Word will be the best decision you can make.

I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by thinking this is too hard. You can take this step by step. And watching my video of some ways I meditate on scripture here, will definitely help you. God bless.

Ps. If you’d like the watch the accompanying video. The video is below.


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