Start A Business That Make $10,000 A Month

These four steps will help you start a business that can make $10,000 a month or more. Each step is vital to start a business. And If you stop doing these things, it’s only a matter of time, before your business fails.

Start A Business – The 4 Steps

Today you will learn the four steps to start a business that makes ten thousand dollars per month or more.

But if you leave out, or stop doing any of these things, your business won’t start, it won’t soar, and won’t sustain.

But it’s only a matter of time before your business dies!

I know because this happened to me…More on that later.

All four steps begin with the letter P. And every step has an action step that begins with the letter S.

Let me show you with step one.

Step 1 To Start A Business: Principles You Stand On

Step one in starting a business that makes ten thousand dollars per month or more is Principles!

Principles you must Stand on.

I will show you where to get these principles to stand on in a moment.

The Crucial Bridge: Principles as the Foundation

These principles are kind of like your bridge your customers cross to buy your products.

If you don’t follow them, customers either won’t have a bridge to cross, or won’t make it over, because it’s not built right.

But when you follow these principles, your bridge lets people run across it to pay you, and everyone is happy.

Leveraging Timeless Principles from Successful Businesses

These are timeless principles successful businesses use, and you can copy. And this will help you start a business, that can replace your income.

Now let’s play a game called guess the book. These timeless principles are in one book.

I’ll give you three clues.

First clue is, this is the best-selling book in history. This alone proves, you can learn much from this book.

Second clue is, this book has been around for thousands of years.

And the third clue is, this book is in every common language.

Before I say the answer, think about what every successful business tries to do.

  • Sell more
  • Last the longest
  • Reach more people.

This book has mastered all three.

The answer of course is, the Bible!

Overcoming Obstacles in Embracing Foundational Principles


**This is where many Christians get annoyed even though they’re watching this video. And also where, many non-Christians will leave too soon.**

The truth is, many who don’t believe the Bible follow these principles better than Christians.

Name a successful business that is not Christian, and I’ll share a principle they are using.

These principles work. And you don’t have to be Christian to use some of them. This is why it mind boggles me, more Christians don’t use them and get the full benefit.

My previous business started and was a struggle at first. But it did soar over ten thousand dollars per month. But it didn’t sustain.

I’ll share some details why later in the video. But Step one was a big reason.

Action Step: Seek Foundational Principles


Step 2 To Starting A Business: Products You Sell

So step one is Principles you stand on. Step number two is easy to guess. Even easier than guessing step one.

I’m only giving you two clues for this one.

First clue is, without selling this, most can’t make consistent money.

Second clue is, you pay for this in shops every day.

Step number two to make ten thousand dollars per month or more is Products you Sell.

If you don’t have a product you are selling, you don’t have a business.

Case Study: Importance of Sales Over Other Functions

There’s a story that explains this.

In the book Ready Fire Aim by Michael Masterson.

On page forty-four he shares an essay written by Jim Koch, CEO of Boston Beer Company.

The beer company recently started when Jim received a phone call from his uncle.

His uncle was an investor and asked him how things were going.

Jim said things were going fine. The beer would be ready for delivery in about five weeks.

Then his uncle asked him, “what did you do today?”

Jim said, He spent the day looking for a computer. His uncle asked “why?”. Jim then said he would need a computer to track sales, payables, and that kind of stuff.

And this is the part that gets me every time. His uncle asked, “have you had any sales?”
And Jim replied “no”.

Jim’s uncle then said, “why are you buying a computer if you don’t have any sales?”

Jim’s uncle continued…

“he’s seen more businesses go broke from not having enough sales than not having a computer”.

This call with his successful uncle changed Jim’s mind. Because he realised, he was doing things backwards.

Instead of doing all the other things, selling your product is what creates the business.

The next morning, he went on to sell twenty-five cases of beer to a local bar.

If you don’t have a product, or are not selling your product, you don’t have a business.

Ethical Selling: Meeting Customer Needs

The reason most fail here is because they think selling must be slimy. They think selling is getting someone to pay for something that won’t help.

There are businesses that do this, but they are not following step one. So it’s a matter of time before that business dies.

But Jim took his beer to a place who wanted beer. And after drinking the beer, bought the cases. Everyone was happy.

And this is a timeless principle about products. Sell your products to people who want and need it, not to make a sale.

Action Step: Prioritize Sales

Before we move to step three, I need to say something important. This will save you heart ache, time, and stops you messing up step three.

I’ve made this mistake before, so I want you to avoid the terrible feeling.

If possible, don’t make the product before selling it.

Let me be clear. You must know what you are talking about. You must deliver on promises. And you must give people the opportunity to refund if not happy.

But don’t spend weeks and months building something, no-one has told you they wanted, by paying for it.

I created a video program once which was hours of goodness. I spent weeks creating it, and when I first offered it, few bought.

If it was now, I would create the outline, and invite people to register.

I would tell them I’m delivering the full product by the end of the month, or some date in the future. Or the first class is next week.

You can deliver live, or pre-recorded.

If enough people say yes by paying, I’ll create it. If not, I saved my customers a bad experience. And myself time, money, and heartache. And now I can move to the next potential product to serve my customers.

When you do it this way, you are not desperate to make a sale. This is because you haven’t spent weeks and months working on it.

But when you make it first, by the time you’re selling, you feel like you need to do anything to get people to buy it. Because you spent so much time on it.

It’s not impossible to sell ethically, but it’s so much harder.

This leads to step three.

Step 3 To Starting A Business: Serving the People

Step two was have a Product to Sell.

Step three in starting a business that makes ten thousand dollars per month is easy to guess.

So easy I’m giving you one clue. Because I’ve been talking about it for the last few minutes.

First clue is, this is who buys your product.

Step three is, the People.

The Power of Serving Others

You must Serve the people more than serve yourself.

You need to find the people who you can serve, and serve them more than serving yourself.

The core principle in the Bible is love someone else. Put God before everything, and love others like yourself.

When you love your customers, you are helping them, more than the money you will make.

And the funny thing is, when you do this, money still comes. More, and for much longer.

Identifying the Right Audience for Your Business

This is not about finding anyone, it’s about finding the right people you can serve.

It’s kind of like when you are in the airport, and someone speaks over the service announcement. You know when they say something like…

“boarding is closing.

If you want to get on the flight to Texas for example, get to the gate now”.

Everyone going to Texas will start making their way to the gate right?

This website will help anyone who wants a business that makes ten thousand dollars per month or more. But I’m providing solutions for a certain person.

So every new piece of content calls them to my plane, for us to soar in business together.

Aligning Business Goals with Customer Needs

When I know the people want and need to come to me, for my service, I’m empowered to serve them at the highest level. And not saying things only to get people to come.

I’m posting this in a place with millions of people I can serve, and I’m serving them.

My previous business made ten thousand dollars per month and was soaring to twenty. But why couldn’t I sustain it?

Despite being in my twenties and overcoming thoughts of “I’m too young” “who am I to help people”.

Because I was following steps one and two, it started to succeed.

But I stopped standing on the principles. And stopped serving the people, more than serving myself.

You may be wondering why I told you that. Well, that’s the kind of person I am with friends and family. And I told you so you can keep me accountable.

In the comments below, you can say things like #servedfirst or #servedsecond. This will show me how you think I’m doing.

But there’s something special I need you to catch.

I didn’t say I stopped serving the people. I stopped serving them more than myself.

This is the trap you need to avoid. If you give to get, you will stop growing. It’s only a matter of time.

But if you give without the need to get, you will keep growing.

So step three is people. Find and serve them, more than you serve yourself.

Action Step: Prioritize Customer Service


Step 4 To Start A Business: Perseverance in Action

Step four in starting a business that makes ten thousand dollars per month or more is important. You must Persevere. You must Stick by these steps, even when it’s hard.

When you have these principles and feel like not standing on them (we all have these feelings).

When you are not focused on selling your product. Or you make the mistake of thinking, making it first is serving. When in fact, using the money from sales will help you create a better product.

Or when you feel like not putting your people first. You must persevere, by sticking by the steps I’ve shared with you in this video.

Action Step: Consistency and Dedication


These four steps will take you to ten thousand dollars per month or more. But one thing that will stop you, and keep you poor, is what I share in another post.

The post is called “They tricked you into being poor and what to do to escape”. If you want to know what that is, that post will help.

Go Win and God Bless.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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