How They Tricked You To Be Poor & What To Do To Escape!

You have been tricked into a system that will keep you poor. You will discover how to run your business in a way that creates true wealth. You will learn a major thing all successful companies do to thrive. Once you do this, you will escape the poverty program they want to keep you trapped in.

Understanding the Trap of Poverty

Over 95% of people get tricked into poverty. So in this video you will see, how you’re getting tricked into poverty, what to do to escape. And it only takes two Bible verses to do it.

If you don’t follow the principle in these two Bible verses, your business won’t succeed. And you’ll be stuck working for someone who pays well, but is taking much more from you, in every other area of life.

Identifying the Traps: Systemic Conditioning

The kind of person who doesn’t follow this principle, is someone who feels drained at the end of the day. Because they’ve spent hours in meetings, speaking to people who suck the life out of them.

And even though working on their business will help them escape this job…There’s no energy left at the end of the day, so nothing gets done.

If that sounds like you, I will show you what can empower you at the end of the day. This way your business can soar.

Because the most successful businesses use this principle, so let’s look at the two verses. And then I’ll break down two key points, and give you examples from my business.

Biblical Principles for Business Success

This is from the New Testament, in Ephesians chapter five, verse fifteen to sixteen. It says…

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, [16] Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

The Power of Perception: Walking Circumspectly

Let me explain this, and show you how smart business owners use this to excel, while the masses go into poverty.

It started by saying “see then, walk circumspectly”.

To see is to pay attention, circumspectly is a big word which means walk like a wise, or smart person.

Then it says, “not as fools but as wise.

Catch this,

two times in one verse it says walk like a wise person, and then says don’t walk like a fool.

There is a reason Paul is saying the same thing three times here. He wants you to catch it.

I want you to catch it.

This is the setup for what he says next.

Redeeming Time: A Wise Investment

The way you walk like the wise and not a fool, is by redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Israel what does this mean?

To redeem means to buy back, or to buy up.

You already know what time is, and the reason you do this is because

the days are evil. This means the days are hard or difficult.

Applying Biblical Wisdom to Business

So the wise thing to do is buy your time because the days are evil. This is what the Bible is saying to do. And the reverse is the unwise thing. What the Bible is telling you not to do.

The reason people get tricked into poverty, is because the system trains us not to be wise & buy our time back. The system trains us to be foolish and give it all up.

Defying Foolishness: Investing in Time

Notice the Bible is calling anyone a fool who doesn’t buy back their time.

Imagine me drained at the end of the day after a hard day’s work, knowing I need to edit this video. Imagine knowing after at least three hours of editing, I’m going to be even more tired, but the edit will not be that good. That’s why it never gets done.

And this is even worse for skilled people in these areas. They can do it themselves, but unless this is paying you, there is no reason you should ever edit your own video.

If it’s charity, or a hobby, then go ahead.

But if it’s a business there’s a better way.

Outsmarting the System: Buying Back Time

Let me explain how I do this…

Like the two verses said…You do this by paying money, to someone or something, that gives you your time back.

The system trained you from young, time is less valuable than money. When the truth is time is more valuable than money.

Let me give you some examples to prove this.

This video below which goes with this post took me about an hour or two to prepare and about 15 minutes to record.

It would then take me at least two to three hours to edit.

Use Wisdom & Let God Set You Free

Think about that. It takes more time for me to edit, than it does to do the thing I’m helping you with.

But I didn’t edit the video, because it would be nowhere near as good quality, if I edited it myself. I paid someone to edit thes video for me. I can then spend those hours, working on making better content for people like you.

Now imagine again, me drained at the end of the day after a hard day’s work, but now I know the video I need to edit is ready.

That energizes me. It energizes me to make more content or help customers get better results.

This energizes me to do more of what can buy back more time. Not keeping me bound in a job that is not what I want deep down.

I win, you win, and my editor wins.

See how I’m walking like a wise person?

I buy back my time, by paying someone who can save me the three hours. And can create something much better than I can. Because I don’t like to edit, but they do. They enjoy editing.

This gives you a great experience. I don’t have to edit. And my editor gets paid by someone he wants to work with, and not someone he HAS to work with. Everybody wins remember.

More Practical Examples from Business Practice

I enjoy teaching the Bible and showing people how to apply it to any area of life. This is what I need to do more of. Not things stopping me from doing that.

This post is about business. But I teach other things. How can I do that? Because I don’t rely on my time alone. But the time of others.

Debunking the Time vs. Money Myth: Real-Life Examples

You have the money right now, but you don’t have the time.

The way you get the time, is by buying it back.

The thumbnail you saw to click on this article. Somebody made it for me. Someone with years of design experience.

It’s better than I can do because that is not my area of mastery.

My area of mastery is showing you how the Bible changes lives. Like these two verses will for you, if you allow them.

Isn’t God good?

Your employer for example does this too. They redeem their time, by paying you your salary.

Paying you your salary, and everyone else, allows them to make the money.

Making five to ten thousand a month in your job, but bound to a specific place, at a specific time, most of the year isn’t fun. And this is the kind of thing that stops you doing the thing God created you for.

Because you spend your days with people, you would never spend that much time with in real life if you had the choice.

But you do have the choice. Let me show you another example of a wise way to buy up your time like most successful businesses do.

Products as Time Assets: Sustainable Revenue

What is another way?

I spoke about this in my post on the four steps to start a business that makes ten thousand dollars per month or more.

You need a product.

Think about my book for example.

50 Life Lessons Before Twenty-Five. This book shares life-changing success secrets you need to learn before twenty-five. But if you haven’t that’s why you need to read the book.

I sell this book for Twenty-Five dollars, plus shipping and handling.

This is not the olden days where you needed to travel around to sell your book.

Anyone can go to the website whenever they like. Whether I’m awake, asleep, good health, bad health.

Catch this,

dead or alive. This book will continue to provide for my family.

This is why you need a product to sell.

This isn’t one or two pay checks a month, like the system programs us to expect. But is a pay check every time someone buys.

Products That Last Forever

Every time someone buys a copy of this book, it serves my customers, and it buys back my time. And this book will continue to serve customers, and buy back my families time long after I’m gone.

Because the 50 principles cover timeless success principles in the Bible. That means they will always be relevant.

They’re relevant for business, faith, health, mindset, you name it.

Every area of life increases when you follow these principles.

In any time, this book will help someone become successful.

And it’s priced like this for two reasons. I only want the best people to buy it.

I don’t want to spend time with anyone who doesn’t want to be successful.

Because God is the most successful person ever. This means, everything I do in service to Him must bring success and help people who want success move closer to it.

My coaching program currently cost twenty-five thousand dollars per year. My book which teaches the same principles cost twenty-five dollars.

So when you compare Twenty Five Thousand, to twenty five dollars, it’s a no-brainer for the people it’s written for.

This is why you must sell a product that serves your people. And create a product that gives at least ten times the worth people pay you for.

Big Brands All Have Products

But let’s use Apple for example.

Like I wrote the book once, Apple design the iPhone once, or the iPad once, or the MacBook once.

But sells it all year round for hundreds and thousands of dollars. And they only make incremental changes over time and then charge more money.

Strategies for Success: Guiding Your Path Forward

Apples products make you feel good, they make you feel smart because you have a smart phone, not a dumb phone, right?

And this is what not buying back your time is like. The difference between a smart phone, and the alternative.

Steve Jobs is dead, but his business continues to create income for his family.

Whether you go to the apple store, whether you are online, Apple gives you the opportunity to buy a product.

But you know a book is paper, and a phone is metal, plastic and glass.

What’s even better than this is digital products and software.

I’ve made thousands of dollars in a day from this, but to do this with my book, I’d need to sell at least eighty copies.

Which isn’t impossible, but it’s easier to sell one digital product than eighty books.

Now you know how people get tricked into poverty. You know how to escape.

A big reason you won’t be able to sell your product and buy back your time is what I share in another post. It has a thumbnail saying, “they can see you” and explains everything. It will help you.

So Go Win and God Bless.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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