Jesus or Yeshua! Which Name Brings Salvation?

Jesus or Yeshua! Which Name Brings Salvation?

So should we say Jesus or Yeshua and which name brings salvation? Should you call the messiah Yahushua, Jesus or are both okay? You will discover what the Bible says today. I want to welcome you to the IN THY WORD website. My name is Israel, and we make articles, and different materials to help You Avoid deception and Master your Bible. Get your free Bible Mastery guide here:

You should know of a group of believers who have been given the name “sacred namers“. And you will hear them say the only name you should call the messiah is “Yahushua“. But a name like Jesus holds no weight, and you should not use it for the messiah, because the name Jesus was only invented about four/five hundred years ago.

If you do some basic search, it is true the name Jesus was “invented” around the 1600s. But this does not matter, as I will show you before you finish reading this article.

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Recent INVENTION” Of Jesus Does Not Matter!

As you should know this, in opposition, pretty much the majority of professing Christians have no problem with the name Yahushua, no problem with the name Yeshua, and have no problem with names like Jesus.

You may ask me “If Jesus was a name only made about 500 years ago, why do believers today call him Jesus?

If you go back and research this, you will see Jesus goes all the way back to the Greek translation of the messiah’s name. The Greek name for the messiah was “Ieosus“.

One Scripture TOO Much To Handle!

I am now going to give you one piece of scripture for you to think about. This will showcase why saying the name Yahushua only is not really consistent with what the Bible teaches. This scripture will also show you why you should never become (or stay) a “sacred namer“.

You may even hear some of them say you cannot even be saved, you cannot have salvation if you do not call upon the specific Hebrew name Yahushua.

Now the scripture I want to give you today will clearly and categorically shut down this belief, you can only call the messiah Yahushua. When you read early in the 5th New Testament book Acts, four times the Lord is mentioned by name explicitly in the apostle Peter’s first sermon. 

Acts 2 Jesus or Yeshua

He calls him:

  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • Jesus (twice)
  • Jesus Christ

You will hear the sacred namers say to you, but he did not say Jesus. And I am not saying to you, he said Jesus. If you remember earlier, I agree with the fact, Jesus is first used over 1000 years after the event in Acts. But the point you should realise is, I am literally quoting from an English translation.

Sermon Significance?

We will get to the same conclusion, if you actually think about what the scripture is actually saying. Let us continue now to the key thing I want you to realise from this piece of text. As Peter stood up in the midst of the people, (about 3000) people came into the church in this very day.

But the fact of the matter is, what does the scripture say when you look at the context? This was happening on the day of pentecost. And the scripture talks about how there was about 17 different nations of Jews, all come to Jerusalem.

Jesus or Yeshua? One scripture in multiple languages...

Which Name Was Used?

Not only were there Jews from about 17 different nations, the scripture talks about how the Jews could all hear in their own mother tongue.

Acts 2:8” KJV
And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born?

So when you read, Peter was preaching and he said Jesus of Nazareth, he said Jesus, Jesus and Jesus Christ what were these Jews, who were coming from about 17 different nations hearing, when they were hearing in their own language? In their own tongue Peter was standing up and preaching, saying Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus, Jesus and Jesus Christ. What was the transliterated, or translated word they heard, when these words were being translated (by the power of the holy spirit) so everyone could understand in their own language?

Even Arabs (who apparently based on some conversations never heard a salvation message before Islam 🤷🏽‍♂️) were mentioned in this whole group of people.

Was the name Yahushua just literally being transferred over and everything else was being translated into this particular Jew’s mother tongue? Or was the name Yahushua being transliterated or translated into a variation in regards to the specific language?

The Two Vital Lessons

Reason #1

The first reason applies to those who have no problem calling him Yahushua, but are not binding themselves to this name. Because you can see a clear example in the Bible where a message was being translated or transliterated at best, from Hebrew to another language. Now this gives you an opportunity to present to the sacred name only camp and ask, what was the name being translated to or transliterated to in these other languages?

Reason #2

You find the second reason applies to those who are in the sacred name only group. You can clearly see by binding yourself only to the name Yahushua in the Hebrew, is not consistent. If the message was clearly going out to different languages, the name Yahushua would obviously be transliterated at best to a Greek rendering, Arab rendering, a Coptic rendering, so on and so forth.

Why This Matters?

Hopefully you see it was significant earlier on, if you were paying attention when I said to you, if you look into it, Jesus goes all the way back to the Greek rendering, from “Ieosus“.

At best, based on this particular scripture, what someone in the sacred name only can suggest to you is Jesus does not necessarily carry the same meaning as Yahushua, and they may have a point. And in return, you can respond to the sacred name only group and say, you should have no problem with the name Joshua! Why?

Because Joshua is basically a translation to English from Hebrew of the name Yahushua. At this point in time, the scripture we have covered today kind of debunks this particular claim, you should only call the messiah Yahushua.

Like I said to you before, at best if they are going to be consistent, they should have no problem with someone speaking in the English language calling the messiah by the name of Joshua.

You Do Not Translate Names/Places!

If you speak to some sacred namers, they may say but names and places are not translated. You should read this. I am not an expert, but most things I saw say “there is no general rule for translating/transliterating names“. So either way you go is fine. 

But what matters to me and should to you as a christian, is the Bible first and foremost! And  categorically the Bible is on our side (as you know already). 

The Pool In Jerusalem:

The Field For Burying:

You should ask, why would it say things like this in the Bible if names or places were never translated or transliterated over in the Bible?

Your “Mother” Tongue?

If you speak any other language other than English, what does the name Yahushua transliterate or translate to in your mother tongue? Let me know in the comment section below. If you accept the Bible, most Christians have no problem with the name Jesus, Joshua, or any other similar translation of the name. You also have one more scripture to use now to stop this whole Yahushua only legalism.

For anybody else, you have to literally throw out the book of Acts, because it does not agree with your belief. And what do you call people who throw out scriptures that do not agree with your beliefs? You may say, you do not have to say Yahushua only, but Jesus was only sent to the Jews. Now if it took me less than 10 minutes to stop this false claim. Read this to see what happens when I examine that claim.

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