Is Sandy really over?

The New York storm what saved the president his job?

Sandy as its been called is well over now but the long lasting effects are far from Gone. Was the way President Obama handled this situation the reason he got four more years and not four more days? Was the fact an opposition politician thanked Barack Obama for the way in which he handled the situation? Was it down to job data which came out, which was much better than previous months showed? Was he just better! I don’t think he would ever admit it but Mr Romney was probably beaten from the beginning. It is much harder to become president, than it is to maintain your presidency.

It is interesting how world news covers a situation as it happens and then when ratings drop they move on. It does really make you think they are not really interested in the well being but the ratings. When the next big story lands, the competitive nature rears its head and reporters are shipped off to the next location. They spoke about Sandy for a few days and then it seemed the election became more important. Are we forgetting the thousands of people who lost homes and even more severely lost lives? The news shows politicians around, and then make it seem like a good job was done, what about after? Don’t they want to show the real aftermath due to the fact it may be shown that they are not really doing as much as we think?

This is something that will continue to happen in life, while consumers allow the governments they stand under to abuse them. People are abused every day and they are so used to it, they keep on struggling.
Whatever the reason, we have another four years of Barack Obama on the world stage.  




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