How To Create & Sell Your Product In The Next 48 Hours Or Less!

Are you tired of being in meetings all day that SUCK the life out of you? And want to copy my 3 step method to create & sell your product in the next 48 hours or less?

Why You Should Create & Sell Your Product ASAP!

This product doesn’t suck the life out of you (if you do it right) and only pay you 1 or 2 times a month. But this product can pay you every. Single. Day.

And getting paid during meetings will soften the blow, until you’re confident to live off your sales.

So in this article, you will see how to create your product in the next 48 hours, even if you don’t want to go on camera.

That’s what I did.

How To Create & Sell Your Product In The Next 48 Hours Or Less

You will see who to sell it to if you don’t have a big audience. And you will see how I made my first sale online doing this.

This way, even if you’re not good at sales, you know you can sell this. Because I was terrible at sales. And you can do all this with less than $50.

In fact, you will see an even better way than I did, so you avoid the roadblocks, and sell your product faster than me.

But there’s one problem. And it’s a BIG problem. And if you fail here, you will be making a product for months and years, but never actually making any money.

The Bible Verse That Reveals A Secret The Wealthy Use Daily

There’s a Bible verse that explains this too, so let me read it and then show you what I did.

The Bible is full of secrets that can make your business soar, and in Proverbs 27 it has one of them.

Verse 1 says,

Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

The reason most fail here, is because instead of doing this today, they will push it off until tomorrow, or next week.

And tomorrow is not promised.

So don’t put this off another day.

Because the moment you get your first sale, this changes everything. That’s why you need to get it as soon as possible.

Because when you sell a product and you’re not even there, you see new realities you’ve never experienced before.

My First Online Sale

I still remember my first sale like it was yesterday.

Why? Because it helped me see, meetings all day wasting time, keeping me away from family, is not necessary. But a choice, based on what I’m doing today.

Step 1 To Create & Sell Your Product – Your Offer

Step 1 to create a product and start selling it in the next 48 hours is, you need an offer. It sounds simple because it is. But so many people wonder why they are not making sales. Many don’t even have an offer. Don’t be one of them.

This was the first product I ever sold online.Forex Secrets

I remember waking up very early that morning. It was about 6AM and my belly was hurting for some reason.

I was a lot bigger then, so maybe I had eaten something the night before that upset my stomach. I would often take night-time trips to MacDonald’s and Burger King drive throughs.

When I mean night-time, I mean 1AM, 2AM etcetera.

I know, I know. It was a guilty pleasure.

But this morning I woke up and my belly was hurting.

I picked up my phone and logged into my website.

I had a plugin on my website to show me what people were looking at on my site. And this morning I saw someone on the sales page for my product.

It was the first version of this product.

You can’t make this up. My eyeballs wanted to burst out of my head at the sight, because I knew this might be it.

I tried to wait to see, if the sale would happen, because I had been here before.

As I bit my nails, I thought about the one or 2 times I had seen people here before, only to click away to never return.

I knew the sale wasn’t guaranteed. But hoped and prayed this time was different. This had more suspense than the most gripping thriller for me. But around 6:40AM, this time was different.

A man named Joseph bought my product and gave me a joy that is only explained when you make your first sale online.

Thank you Joseph.

Why Products Are Awesome

While I was waking up, someone across the globe paid me for my product. I’ve gone on to make many more sales than this, and much more money, but I remember this one.

I remember the time, the place, his name. I remember key details because of what this meant to me.

I can show you, how to create and sell your product in the next 48 hours now, but it took me longer than that. Because I was naïve.

My Big Mistake With Selling Products

I started with the mindset, I’m going to help people, and because I’m helping, people will see this and buy my products.

But I was a fool. It took me time to realise about sales and marketing. It was a painful journey you don’t need to go down any longer than today, because I went down it for you.

So first you need an offer.

The first time I sold this product it was 5 videos I recorded.

I recorded them in 1 day, and I didn’t show my face because I was afraid.

I created a few PowerPoint slides and talked over them.

Each video explained one big thing helping customers make money investing in Forex.

Forex is like investing in the stock market, but much bigger.

The video lengths might shock you.

  • Video 1 was 7 minutes.
  • Video 2 was 10 minutes.
  • Video 3 was 6 minutes.
  • Video 4 was 7 minutes.
  • Video 5 was 13 minutes.

A grand total of 43 minutes.

What you know right now, is enough to sell to someone who wants to know what you know. You are good enough right now to sell a product that will help people.

I was stuttering all over the place. It was bad.

It even had the logo of the software I used to make the product at the end.

Creating Products Is Even Easier Today

But even though I don’t need to do this today, I could have put the camera on me, and sat down with one of my brothers off camera.

I could ask my wife, and get her to ask me something to setup what I was teaching in the product.

I would then record my reply, and that would be the product.

Because I learned something vital along this journey.

Selling a product that helps your customers is not about you. It’s about the customer. Click To Tweet

When you focus on what they want and need, it takes all the pressure away. Because you either have what they need, or you don’t.

But before I show you step two, I want to show you what I would do today If I was starting again.

If I Was Starting Again Today

As I explain in my article on the 4 steps to make 10k per month, I would not create the product first.

You must deliver, you must know your stuff, but even taking about an hour to record, is time I could sell the product.

If I could go back, I would write out the outline. For example, in video 1 I will talk about topic 1. In video 2 I will talk about topic 2 and so forth.

But I wouldn’t record it. Because no-one may buy. This way I save the time and heartache.

This is what I would say.

Sales Script Example

I would say something like,

You are going to see the 5 roadblocks keeping you from Forex profits. If you want it, I’m going to send you the recording in the next 24 hours, or you get your money back. But also an extra 10% for wasting your time.

So If I charged $100, If I did not deliver, I would give them $110 back.

And that’s why, the moment someone buys it, I would record it and send it to them.

This Works

You see, Joseph didn’t ask for a refund because it was good enough.

In fact, a few years back I did something similar. I wanted to see if I could sell a product without any audience or website.

So I created this page quickly using Clickfunnels, saying I will show you how to quadruple your sales when you read my report. Double Your Sales ReportBut this is the thing. I said I would be delivering the report in the next 24 hours. And 2 people who had never heard of me before bought it.

And what do you think I did?

I wrote up a 4-page report that day, showing them exactly how I doubled my sales. And then how I doubled them again.

This all comes down to you sharing what you know.

I know more than one way to double sales. If you want me to share some let me know.

And you might be thinking …Israel you’re a writer, so writing a report comes easy to you. And this is true.

But think about this…

You can speak or write about the thing you know, if I asked you questions about it right.

But I know there’s people today using AI to write reports, books, you name it.

But those customers who bought my report didn’t ask for refunds. Because what you know is valuable. But if you don’t share it, you will never realise it.

Step 2 To Create & Sell Your Product

Step 2 is a way to take payment. I remember starting this Forex business. I hadn’t made any sales yet, I was hoping and praying every day for sales.

And one day God slapped me in the face and made me realise something so simple I had overlooked.

This thought came to mind out of nowhere…

“Israel, how are people going to pay you, if you don’t have an account to collect money?”

When I tell you I made foolish mistakes, I made some foolish mistakes.

This is so simple I know, but this is something on a subconscious level that was holding me back.

Because when you do everything, instead of the right thing, even easy things will get ignored.

There are so many options today to collect payment. At the time Clickfunnels didn’t exist. There are other things you can use. I’ve been using CF for nearly 10 years. So I will speak confidently about what I use and know well.

You can use PayPal to start, Stripe, CashApp. There are so many ways to make this possible. I use all three of them today as well.

But without a way to collect money, you are not going to be able to get any.

Step 3 To Create & Sell Your Product

Step three might be the most significant. You now have the offer, the way to take payment, but who do you sell it to?…Especially if you don’t have a big following of people.

Notice, you can draw an outline for a product in 30 minutes or less. You can open an account with PayPal, Stripe or CashApp in 5 minutes. And those two steps are free.

Most of the time I would spend on marketing and selling the product.

This is where the $50 comes in…

You will see the free options in a moment too. But here’s 3 things I’d do.

My 3 Strategies For Selling A Product Today

The First thing I’d do is setup an ad for $10 a day for the next 5 days on Facebook (I mean Meta).

You will see exactly how simple this is in a moment.

You can show slides if you want, or get your smartphone if you don’t have a camera. But all you must do to sell something, is show a customer you can help them solve a problem, or escape a pain they have.

This is why two people bought my report about doubling sales. Because they knew learning to double their sales, was more valuable than the price of the report. And with a money back guarantee, they had nothing to lose.

And it’s the same reason someone pays $25, plus shipping and handling for my book today.

They know escaping their struggles in business and life is way more valuable to them, than the $25 plus shipping and handling.

Ad Script Example

Let’s say I went back in time knowing what I know now, and wanted to sell my first product product again. I would create a short ninety second ad saying…

“Over ninety-five percent of people lose money. This means, you are likely in the ninety-five percent too. What I’ve found is, those of us in the five percent who make money, all do five things well.

Most don’t know what they are, but something anybody can do once you know them. If you would like to know all five things, without blowing any more money, you can get the recording.

You can watch me walking my wife through this, who is an absolute beginner.

This way you also get answers to questions she asks me as I explain this to her.

You will have questions, and she will likely ask them.

But when you watch your recording, if you have a question she doesn’t ask, send me an email. I’ll record a personal video for you.

I need to get the recording prepared for you, but you will get it in the next twenty-four hours.

It’s forty-seven dollars If you want to see, how to leave the ninety-five percent losing money, and the five things the five percent do to make money.

But if you don’t get the recording in the next twenty-four hours, you will get your money back. Plus, you will get an extra five dollars for wasting your time, and I’m still going to send you the recording when it’s ready.

So is paying forty-seven dollars worth it, to not lose hundreds, and thousands, with all these guarantees? It’s a no-brainer, right?

So once you pay, start the timer on your phone right away.”

I can sell this for $47 as a report or recording. I can sell the same information in the future for $500 on a five week program.

It’s the same thing I do with my book.Israel Ikhinmwin's Book - 50 Life Lessons Before 25

The book is $25, but one of my coaching programs is $25,000. I teach the same thing.

But access is different.

If you read the book, you can’t ask me questions.

During a year of coaching you have several opportunities to ask me questions.

Why This Works So Well

I already shared with you how your first sale makes you feel. But if somehow, you’re not motivated because it’s your first sale, there’s even more motivation baked in here.

Not only are you motivated to help your customer, but the deadline, and the extra $5 you’ll have to pay.

But when you sell this once, and send it to your customer, all the guarantees for your customer are still in place. But catch this…

You no longer have any risk of paying the extra $5, for not delivering before the deadline.

The customer wins because they’re protected and get what they want. You win, because you are making a sale. And any questions that come in that are not answered, will make your product even better.

Your customer wins again. And when your customer wins, you win.

So it takes minutes to record that ad, and an hour max to setup the ad.

While this is running on autopilot over the next five days, here are the other two things I’d do.

The second thing

I’d write a simple message and post it. I’m not talking about spamming people either.

But let’s say you have some friends on Meta, or a few followers on Instagram. Or twitter, wherever it is.

This isn’t going to be as targeted as the ad, but I would write a message saying something like…

I know a lot of people struggle with this specific problem. If that’s you, I’m going to be recording a training showing you how to overcome this problem.

I’ve been able to help people get out of this pain, but I’ve only shared this in conversations. This is my first time recording it.

So because of this, it’s only going to be $47, and not $97. After I record it, the price is increasing.

So if you know I can help you, and need help with this, click this link and make payment.

You will receive the recording in the next 24 hours.

I would mention the same guarantees and see how this does.

Now this is people who are familiar with you. It may reach less people, but if they know you can do this thing, someone will buy.

This is how I made a sale that gave me confidence to go online in the first place.

The third thing

I’d ask people I know, if they knew anyone with this problem I’m solving. If they said yes, I’d say, if you tell them about this offer and they buy it, I will split the money with you.

It’s That Simple

So with these 3 steps, you can create and sell your product in the next 48 hours or less. You would spend $50 or less, but this one product sale will change your life forever.

This is why you should do this. But like I said earlier, most people will never do this because they have a big reason stopping them.

I explain what that is in my article about how they programmed you to be poor, and what you need to do to escape.

It will help so Go Win And God Bless.

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He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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