Hebrew Israelite Group IUIC’s Shaky Foundations Exposed!

If you listen to a Hebrew Israelite like this, they love to attack Christians. They say things like it’s the white man’s religion, it’s in big error, and it’s teaching lies. But I’m going to show you groups who believe like this, got founded on a lie.

IUIC Hebrew Israelite Leader - Bishop NethanyelHow Hebrew Israelite Bishop Got Started

Listen to how the leader of the biggest Hebrew Israelite group today says he got introduced to it. This is IUIC (Israel united in Christ) leader Bishop Nathanyel. This will show you where the lie starts.

“I was introduced to the teachings of the Israelites, according to the Bible in 1990. It was a brother named Black. Me and my wife were going from church to church trying to find our way.”

So about thirty years ago, a man named “Black”. We are already off to a funny start. Bishop Nathanyel and his wife were moving around from church to church.

Seeking for truth is what we must do. But going from church to church is already raising questions. What was he searching for?

The Shocking Admission From The Hebrew Israelite Leader

Before this man “Black” convinces him to join the Hebrew Israelites, he became a Muslim. And this is where he tells you what he was searching for, going from church to church and then to Islam.

Listen to what he says next…

“And I remember I was telling my brother Black. He’s not my brother but you know, my brother, that I was joining the Nation Islam. He said, Why? I said, Because it’s the black man’s religion.”

We’re about to get into what he says about the Bible. But all that searching was for the religion for the black man. This is the most illogical way to believe in something. It’s like me saying, I’m searching for the black theory that proves gravity. You would be right to call me a fool. The truth is what should matter, not if the person that discovers it is the same skin tone as you.

He was searching for somewhere he could feel at home as a black man. His friend Black said something powerful. It’s the same thing I’m showing you in this post…

Black said “never join something before you research it.

Researching The Origins Of This Hebrew Israelite Group

We will research the reasons in the Bible he became a Hebrew Israelite thirty years ago. And now he is leading the largest Hebrew Israelite group. This is why lies can be deadly if unchecked.

But before that, he went on to research that Islam was false. And that it’s clear, this was not the religion for black people. Black told him to research Hajj.

This is the journey all Muslims must take to Saudi Arabia at least once.

“So I went to library, looked up Hajj and it was a pilgrimage. You go to Mecca once in your lifetime and you worship the Kaabah stone. You kiss the Kaabah stone. I knew as a Christian, that’s idolatry. So when I read it, I was like oh shoot, I didn’t know that.”

So as a Christian, he knew kissing the black stone was idol worship, which is true. But he didn’t know from the Bible, as a Christian, God welcomes people from all places to trust in Him and is impartial? (Acts 10:34-35). This is why it’s easy to debunk Hebrew Israelite false teaching when you know the Bible well.

It’s one thing to say, churches are racist or westernized Christianity goes overboard. But you don’t judge the book by the people, you judge the people by the book. That is how you find truth. If he was looking for truth above all and not color, he may have left some churches, but not Christianity.

It’s like me having a bag of apples and some are rotten. Let’s even say all the apples are rotten. After I throw the apples away, I then say to everyone I meet, Apples are bad, I’m only eating oranges now. That makes little sense. That one bag of Apples doesn’t mean all apples everywhere are rotten.

But after leaving Islam behind, Black opened his eyes to “the truth”.

Hebrew Israelite’s Favourite Passages Proving Israelites Were Black

Jesus according to Hebrew Israelite DoctrineSo let’s see and then I’ll research this truth like Black said to do all those years ago. Because these are the very seeds that have grown into a lot of what we see today from the Hebrew Israelites.

“So in 1990, Black, Brother Black gave me some literature about what the Bible says…Christ was black. Revelation one fourteen fifteen.”

Let’s research Revelation chapter one verse fourteen to fifteen and see if this says that Jesus is black. It says:

His head and [his] hairs [were] white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes [were] as a flame of fire; [15] And his feet like unto fine brass as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

They love to quote verse fifteen saying Jesus’ feet were like brass that’s burnt in the fire. They say this shows He was black. But by the same logic, verse fourteen would say Jesus is white. Verse fourteen says His head and hairs were white like wool and as white as snow.

Touch your head…This would mean he’s white. This sort of foolish Bible teaching will have you thinking Jesus had a white head and brown feet.

I spoke about this in another article, that’s how I know he still believes passages like this are solid decades later.

The Danger Of Hebrew Israelite Teaching

Someone commented on the video and said this is your face as if your face is not part of your head.Hebrew Israelite comment The point is, reading the passage in context shows you this is not trying to show us Jesus’ skin colour.

Only someone looking for the black man’s religion would come to these conclusions. You don’t have to get brainwashed by the white man to see this. You only need to read it in context like God expects you too.

But when everything gets made about skin tone and being an Israelite, reasoning gets lost. That is how you get people saying stuff like your face is not your head. But let’s see another reason he joined the Hebrew Israelites and then we’ll research it like Black said…

“God is black Daniel seven and nine.”

Let’s read Daniel seven verse nine.

I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit. Whose garment? white as snow and the hair of his head like the pure wool. His throne, the fiery flame and wheels as burning fire.

This does not say God was black.

His throne was like the fiery flame that’s not black and his wheels as a burning fire. That’s not black either. The colour of burning fire is orange or red. But this is talking about God’s throne He sits on. The colour of God’s throne, not Him.

God gets described as sitting on a throne chariot, here and in other places like Ezekiel chapter one. A glorious throne that moved and gets held up by angels.

Also, His hair like pure wool doesn’t mean he is black. Pure wool is white. That fits better into the context of the verse. There are several characteristics of wool. But let’s say hair like wool means he was black. They want you to believe Daniel shows God as black because of what it says about His hair. Then at the same time, Revelation shows Jesus with a white face? This is foolish.

True Identity As A Child Of God

These are the passages he researched that opened his eyes? Or someone looking for identity as a black man said, these other black men are saying this is about us, why not?IUIC MarchingYou should get your identity from the fact you’re made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27). You are good enough, regardless of your skin tone. Revelation one and Daniel seven are not about colour. They are about God’s wisdom, purity, and power.

More Verses About Blackness From Hebrew Israelites

But let’s see the next verse that opened his eyes…

“The Israelites are a black and brown people Jeremiah fourteen two, Song of Solomon one five.”

So Jeremiah fourteen two and Song of Solomon one five. Let’s research like Black said.

Jeremiah fourteen two says,

“Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.”

The verse before tells us, this is a passage about famine, lack in the land of Judah. If this was saying Israelites are black, this would make no sense.

This is what happens when someone goes looking through the Bible for key words like “black”. It’s like doing a word search for black in the Bible and then saying this is about colour, no matter the context.

In a verse about destruction and chaos, for some reason Jeremiah decides to mention he’s black?

This is talking about something else I’ll bring up in a moment.

Let’s research Song of Solomon one verse five first. This verse is not even Solomon speaking. All you must do, read Song of Solomon chapter one, verses two to seven to see this is a woman.

This is one of Solomon’s one thousand women. But read verse six.

This is not someone with a black skin tone from birth. After saying she is black but beautiful, she says I am black because the sun has looked on me.

She is talking about a sun-tan. She’s been working the fields all day and has a sun-tan.

Hebrew Israelites Best Weapon (Out Of Context Teaching)

Let’s now move to the next verse and then research it like Black said…

“Jeremiah eight twenty-one.”

Jeremiah eight, twenty-one, let’s see this eye-opening verse about Jeremiah being black. It says,

“For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me.”

Read the context and you can see what he’s talking about. But think about this. Hebrew Israelites who believe this means Jeremiah was black think he is saying,

“I’m hurt, my skin is black” and then “I’m astonished”.

What does colour have to do with Jeremiah mourning about God saying judgment is coming? Nothing! When he says he is black here, and in Jeremiah fourteen two etc., in context he means he’s mourning.

Track the Hebrew word through the Bible and it’s about mourning and sadness. This is one of those many examples. The other times the word is used, it refers to stars, skies, and clouds getting darkened. 

Don’t Let Hebrew Israelite Confidence Fool You

Let’s see what’s next, and get ready to research again like Black said…

“Moses was black Exodus 2.”

The way he’s saying scriptures with confidence you’d think there’s black, black, black in the chapter. But read through the whole chapter, there is nothing about skin tone in a direct way. But there’s two verses some use.

Verse six gets used by some. This is where Moses gets put in a basket and Pharaoh’s daughter finds him. Lets read it and then I’ll explain.

“And when she had opened [it], she saw the child: and behold, the babe wept. And she had compassion on him, and said, This [is] one of the Hebrews’ children.”

The point goes something like this…the Egyptians were white or anything but black is the point. So when Pharaoh’s daughter sees Moses and knows he is Hebrew, this is because he was black.

When you study Egyptian history, you know Egypt had people of all skin tones. So it’s not true to say with confidence it was the difference in colour between her and Moses. Based on different skin tones in Egypt she could have said Moses was an Egyptian with ease.IUIC PicThe fact he got circumcised is a reason she would know right away, regardless of Moses’ skin tone.

The other verse some of them use is verse nineteen.

This is when Moses runs away from Egypt after killing someone. He helps water the flock of some ladies. They are retelling the story to their dad and the verse says. And they said,

“An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds and also drew [water] enough for us, and watered the flock.”

The logic is…Moses is mistaken for an Egyptian, Egyptians were black, so Moses is black.

Bear in mind, this would destroy the argument some use from verse six who say the Egyptians were not black. If Moses looks Egyptian and is black you can’t say she (pharaoh’s daughter) knew Moses was Hebrew because he was black. She would have seen him and thought he was Egyptian. You could reverse it at that point and say the Israelites were white, and that’s why she knew.

With verse nineteen, you could make the case he was the same skin tone as the Egyptians. Like I said earlier though, there were Egyptians of different skin tones. To say for sure he was black because he was Egyptian is to ignore the facts of history. The ladies could mistake him for an Egyptian by his speech or his dress code. There are several reasons not related to skin tone. But this misses the point.

The Big Problem With Hebrew Israelites…

He’s trying so hard to find colour in the Bible, he’s missing the message of the Bible. Skin tone is throughout the Bible, but your identity gets found in Genesis one twenty-six. You’re special because you’re made in the image of God, regardless of your skin tone.

After Black showed him these verses we researched today, this is what happened…

“I was like woooow, whatttt. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked.”

I’m seeing him say this, looking at this terrible Bible interpretation like WWHHHHAAATTTT!!! I can’t believe people are under the spell of this sort of Bible reading. But he concludes the topic by saying…

“And from there, it’s been history.”

The biggest branch of Hebrew Israelism today, IUIC, got birthed from clear misreading of the Bible.

This sort of use of the Bible is bad, but they’re not the only group who butcher the Bible like this. Read this to see how the leader of this Hebrew Israelite group teaches followers to reject large parts of the Bible.

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