How To Speak Better Than 99% Of People

I’m going to show you how to speak better than 99% of to speak betterWhen you master this skill, it will make you a lot of money. It will help you impact people like never before. And you will become more fulfilled.

Think about the most impactful people in the world, whether good or bad, they all speak and impact many people.

You know speaking is something you must do, but filler words like, um, uh, like and so are stopping you from speaking well aren’t they?

Even speaking at all!

Speaking well will make you more money, help you reach more goals, and give you more confidence. But you can’t seem to do it.

How To Speak Better Than 99% Of People: The 3 Steps

I’m going to show you 3 things I’ve done to overcome this. This way you’ll be more confident, speak better, and people will be drawn to you. And you don’t have to rely on editing software, to remove all the filler words.

These are solutions that work for the long run.

I went from using filler words in every other sentence in articles and videos, to now…let’s count how many I use in this article

I still use filler words at times, but it doesn’t stop my videos getting thousands of views.

This is why you need to start now.

Communication is how you get attention on the things that you do to help people. If I didn’t make this article, most people who read this will never know who I am.

Using less filler words will make the quality of this article much higher.

That’s one reason I know these articles will start getting thousands of views a week soon too.

Step 1 To speak Better Than 99% Of People

There’s a famous story in the Bible that will help you in the 2nd book of the Bible, Exodus.

God tells Moses to go and talk to Pharaoh, tell him let my people go.

Moses makes excuses and with each one, God gives him solutions.

But Moses says something strange…strange because, the Bible says he could speak well and knew the subject he was talking about.

How hard is it to say “Pharaoh let my people go“.

But he told God, he’s not eloquent, he’s not a good speaker.

God knew all Moses weaknesses before calling him, but He still wanted Moses to go. And that’s because His message is powerful enough

As I thought about this, it clicked. God knows all my weaknesses, and still wants me to base everything I teach on the Bible.

I don’t need to fear, and you shouldn’t too.

Step 1 is…Don’t Fear!

I’m confident this is what I should do. I don’t let fear stop me. And because I know how I speak now, is good enough for now, it allows me to speak more and get better.

Don’t be afraid to do the reps. That is what helps you overcome the fear, and then the filler words stop.

Step 2 To Speak Better Than 99% Of People

God says to Moses, go and I will tell you what to say. I go and share things I’m supposed to too. When speaking, I use God’s Words and teach to the best of my ability.

I’m not trying to create something new, because the Bible is as powerful today, as it was thousands of years ago. The same way Moses was afraid to speak thousands of years ago, I was afraid.

But the same words helped both of us to start speaking. It’s a simple message.

Some will judge you for using filler words, but the less afraid you get, the less filler words you use.

But people will listen to you because you help them. When you speak to people you love, do they care you use filler words? Is it because they love you?

Talk to a stranger and say,

I want to help you make more money.

I want to help you spend more time with family and friends, without losing money.


I want to show you how to speak better and stop using filler words, will they listen to you?

This article is proof what I’m saying is true.

I believed I should make a article about filler words, and fear of speaking, and I should use Moses as an example. I know this will help you speak better.

I’m using God’s Words not my own, and it’s kept you reading until now, because it helped you.

But catch this,

Think about the most gripping parts in any movie. No Country For Old Men comes to mind. I remember watching this movie and getting hooked. The scene where Javier Barden walks into the gas station and asks

Do you want me to come back?

He flips the coin and does his iconic “Call it

Think about the music or lack of music, the scene and the words said perfectly, to drive home the emotion. The suspense of whether he will come back in the evening and kill the man.

You don’t want him to come back and kill the man,

at least I didn’t.

But I felt that way because of what the man said and did.

Now imagine Bardem’s words filled with ums and ers and likes, would it be memorable?

These blockbuster movies don’t allow this. This is why actors get scripts.

They practice saying specific words, that get you to react to a certain way.

Like God gave Moses the words to say, actors in blockbuster movies get words to say…Why not you?

People mock President Biden all the time, for not being able to speak.But that’s because he messes up from time to time.

The royal family use it too, the question is, why don’t you?

If you say filler words but want to speak better than 99% of people, one way to remove them is to do what the best actors, presidents and royalty do... SCRIPT IT. Click To Tweet

Step 2 is…Write It Down Before Saying It!

Step 3 To Speak Better Than 99% Of People

Scripting and teleprompters are not for everyone, and are not always available.

I do recommend scripting and thinking through what you say. You also must be able to speak without it too. Scripts will help you speak better, but I’m going to combine two together for the 3rd one.

A great way to speak better, and remove fear and filler words is…




Stay silent.

When I stop talking, or typing in this case, you got focused.

You pay more attention.

That gives you time to think about what words to say, and what not to say.

Don’t be afraid to stop for a second or 2. The more you do this, the more you’ll realize, it’s better for everyone.

Silence is part of a good conversation.

A very important part of it.

There’s times I say something in a conversation, and I get a reply like that was deep.

Many think that’s when to keep talking, but that’s when you need to stay quiet and let them talk.

That is where you can help them. But if you keep rambling on for praise, instead of seeing what you said was helpful, you won’t help people as much as you can.

Silence is effective and necessary so use it. But sometimes it’s hard to stay silent, if you haven’t practiced. So as you practice, this is where the other thing comes in.

Some of my filler words over the years, it’s crazy how that works because mine have changed.

I’ve used “okay” a lot, after I said something

I would say “right”, But I still use this today, more so to drive home points than as filler.

I said “basically” all the time.

Basically, basically, basically, basically.

I got annoyed with the number of times I said basically. These were my main ones, but at times, I would count how many times I said a word in a video and laugh about it.

Use A Jar

You’ve heard people have swear jars, where you put money in a jar every time you use a swear word. This is the same, but can go as extreme as you want.

For example, you can put a dollar or more in a jar every time you say a filler word in an article or conversation. Then you can give it to a charity you like.

Or in extreme cases, you can donate money to things you are against.

So if I said,

I’ll send money to Planned Parenthood, The KKK, or the church of Satan for using filler words.

What will happen?

Step 3 is…Staying Silent or Increase The Stakes With Jars & Donations.

So the question is,

Do you want to be presidential, royal and an A-List speaker, or be everyone else and President Biden?

I act like royalty, because that’s who God created me to be. If you want to know why you should too, read my article about overcoming imposter syndrome next.

Go Win And God Bless.

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He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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