Hebrew Israelites Prove Jesus is Black By Corrupting The Bible!

A fundamental belief of Hebrew Israelites is that Jesus was black. I don’t have a problem with Jesus being black. But I do have a problem with Hebrew Israelites teaching Jesus is black by corrupting the Bible.

Hebrew Israelites Need To Do Better Than This!

In this post, you will see a leader in one of their camps, try three times to show Jesus, or other Israelites are black. He tried all three times from the Bible. You will see him fail every time. It’s amazing how anyone teaching like this is leading, because it isn’t because of teaching skills. It’s their secret weapon I talked about in another Hebrew Israelite post, but more on that later.

Hebrew Israelites IUIC on the Venting Podcast

This post is based on an interview where the case is made Jesus is black. And bear in mind, these passages get brought up, and are not asked about. This implies they think these are solid passages proving Jesus’ color.

Hebrew Israelites Favourite Verse Proving Jesus Is Black

Bishop Nathanyel goes to a favourite verse on proving the color of Jesus. He goes to Revelation chapter one. Listen to what he says.

[The reader] verse fifteen and his feet like unto fine brass.

[Nathanyel] This is brass. This is brass right here go ahead.

[The reader] As if they burned in a furnace.

[Nathanyel] if you burn this [wooden table]. What color would this get?

[Host] as in its bronze.

[Nathanyel] What color would it get if I took a match?

[Host] Black, Black.

[Nathanyel] Exactly. It’s telling you Christ, not only did he have wool hair, he was black. It’s telling you his a description of him. You mean…

[Host] the Book of Revelation? Revelation?

[Nathanyel] You mean no church on earth ever read that?

Here they are speaking about Revelation Chapter one verse fifteen. The Bishop says brass is a brown color which is true. And if you burnt the brown table, it would go black. This is also true, but here’s the problem. He’s not consistent.

Hebrew Israelites Are Not Consistent With The text!

It’s not because Christians have never read this. The problem is, seeking truth means we must not corrupt scripture to prove our point. And this is what anyone who believes, this verse means Jesus is black is doing. Let me show you how he did this… Let’s now go back a few seconds before he says this. This is what he says about verse fourteen.

[The reader] We’re going to jump to verse fourteen his head and his hair, were white like wool, as white as snow. And his eyes were as a flame of fire.

[Nathanyel] So white hair, white wool hair. You know what wool is?

[Host] Yeah.

[Nathanyel] What is it?

[Host] That’s that. That’s long. That. That’s…

[Nathanyel] no wool hair is afro hair.

[Host] Our hair,

[Nathanyel] Yes!

[Host] hair, rasta [hair].

[Nathanyel] And it’s your hair in its natural state is afro hair.

[Host] Okay.

[Nathanyel] [he points to his and other’s hair] This is afro hair. He has afro. Everyone here has afro hair. It’s a thick, coarse, textured hair. Like a sheep has.

[Host] Yes.

[Nathanyel] Thick.

[Host] Yeah.

[Nathanyel] Not straight, not thin. So, Christ had afro hair.

Hebrew Israelite’s Inconsistencies

Notice the verse says Jesus’ head and hair are white like wool. The bishop did not mention the verse saying Jesus’ head was white. He spent a minute talking about the hair white like wool. But he never mentioned Revelation said, his head was white too. Touch your head.

If verse fifteen proves Jesus is black because his feet are brown, verse fourteen proves Jesus is white because his head is white. This shows us this is not trying to teach us His skin color. You can read the whole description John sees of Jesus to know this.

Again, I don’t have a problem if you believe Jesus is black. But I would never use Revelation one to prove this. All I would be proving was, I don’t know how to read the Bible.

The Hebrew Israelite Leader’s Second Attempt

Attempt number two. Bishop Nathanyel goes to another passage. He goes to Job chapter thirty. Listen to what he says.

[reader] Job thirty verse thirty. My skin is black upon me.

[Nathanyel] See that my skin is black. One day a preacher told me that don’t mean skin as I know English.

[Host] Twist it.

[Nathanyel] Yeah, they try to twist. And that’s what they do in the church. they say it doesn’t really mean that it means his emotion. But skin. I know what skin means. Don’t play games with me. This is what they do. They hoping people are so stupid We just fall for it.

Right before this, he was saying people say color is not all over the Bible. Serious Bible Students wouldn’t say this, but that is not the argument. He moved the argument to something else.

Then he says, someone said this wasn’t talking about skin. I have no problem if it refers to skin. But this does not mean Job is literally saying his skin is black. Because the Bishop here leaves off the rest of the verse. And the context of Job here. But before I touch the wider context, Notice the rest of the verse Job ends the verse saying,

his bones burned with heat.

Job is not saying his bones got cooked. This is why context is important. The context shows, Job is talking about trouble he’s facing. Let me show you…

Four verses before in twenty-six he says,

he looked for good but evil came. He waited for light, but darkness came.

In verse twenty-seven he says,

his bowels, his insides boiled.

He doesn’t mean they got cooked. This means he has no rest. He is being troubled right now. Verse twenty-eight is about mourning, he was sad. The sun wasn’t there and how he was crying. He calls dragons and owls his brothers and friends. Job is not calling beasts his brothers or friends. Job is speaking poetically.

You don’t have to have an agenda against black people. I am happily brown-skinned. All you have to do is be consistent with the text.

Israel Ikhinmwin Smiling

The irony is. The context shows that Job is looking for one thing but getting the opposite. This means if he’s literally saying his skin is black (which he is not), it would suggest he was not black, but now his skin is black.

You must read the Bible in context to find truth. That means what it says around it. What type of book you are reading. And not look for things you think prove an argument. But let’s say Job is black. How does this prove Jesus is black?

Again, I don’t have a problem if you believe Jesus was black. But I would never use Job thirty to prove this All I would be proving was, I don’t know how to read the Bible.

Hebrew Israelite insults and lies

One thing you find often is claims that black Christians hate themselves. They are deceived by the white man. Lies and Insults from Hebrew Israelites Against Christians

This is brainwashing tactics. This is why getting Hebrew Israelites to exegete a text is important. Once you strip the racial layer away (which is a big layer), it crumbles.

Another Hebrew Israelite Favourite Proving Jesus Is Black!

Attempt number three. Bishop Nathanyel goes to another passage. He goes to Song of Solomon, Chapter one. Listen to what he says. This is important.

[reader] Song of Solomon King Solomon. I am black, but comely, comely O ye daughters of Jerusalem.

[Nathanyel] So King Solomon was the king of Israel. He said, I am black and comely, comely means good looking handsome.

[Host] Yep.

[Nathanyel] So he said, I am black, them people in Israel are not today are not the people of this book?

This might be the worst one. when watching this interview, it reminds me this is Spiritual Warfare. He’s confident, but is so deceived and is deceiving thousands of people.

Let me show you two big problems with this.

This is not King Solomon speaking. And this is more likely talking about sun tan, not skin tone.

A woman is speaking throughout, from verse two to seven in chapter one. Not a man, and not King Solomon. Obviously Hebrew Israelites do not care about this.

If it was a man, we have a big problems. Let me show you. Verse two says

”let him kiss me with his mouth”.

It also says,

his love is better than wine.

Solomon was not asking another man to kiss him. The speaker continues in verse three by saying,

the virgins love you.

Solomon was not saying all these unmarried men love him. The speaker continues in verse four by saying, they went into the King’s Chamber. Solomon was not brought into a bedroom by another king. The verse also says the love from this king was more memorable than wine.

King Solomon was not thinking about another king’s love more than wine.

And the speaker continues in verse five by saying,

“I am black but comely”

black but beautiful or lovely.

Black and beautiful like the tents in Kedar. And black and beautiful like King Solomon’s curtains.

Solomon was not saying he is black and beautiful like his own curtains. And the same speaker continues in verse six, saying she is black because the sun has looked upon her.

This is all the same woman speaking, not King Solomon. At best, this would prove Solomon loved a black women. Not that he was black. The Bible says Solomon loved many women. He had 1,000 women on the go. And his heir, Rehoboam came from a gentile woman, not this one.

Be Careful With Hebrew Israelites

One thing Bishop Nathanyel said I agree with is this.

We are living in a demonic age that the only thing that can break the spell off of us is this book correctly taught. that’s the only thing.

I agree.

Three times the bishop tried, three times he failed. And the only thing keeping people in groups like this is their secret weapon…

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