Jeremiah 8 8 REVEALS the Corruption of the Bible?

Does Jeremiah 8 8 really say the Bible was corrupted?

“Jeremiah 8:8″ says:

How do you say we wise and the law of the lord with us lo certainly in vain made he the pen of the scribes in vain

The short answer is no! And below I will show you 4 reasons to help you strengthen your faith. And confound the majority of people who make this false claim.

Typically a muslim will make this claim. And a nice reply I advise you to ask is, simply, “have you read the whole book of Jeremiah before?

They may make a puzzled face like “what are you talking about???”. And this will literally stop about 99% of them in their tracks. And when they ask you why, this is a nice way to segue into the first reason the Bible is not saying it is corrupted.

The first one is going to show you, even if it was corrupted or destroyed, it would not even matter.

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The Irony Of Appealing to Jeremiah 8 8 😁

So the irony of this claim is, Jeremiah’s book showcases, even if the Bible was destroyed or corrupted, it would not even matter. Because in Jeremiah, we get a long passage where Jeremiah is told by God to write down all of the messages, God has actually given him. Going all the way back to the beginning of his ministry.

And Jeremiah does so and is obedient!

Jeremiah 8 8 Article
Jeremiah went about
preaching, the Israelites need to change their ways, as they were being evil in the sight of God. Now as Jeremiah writes down all of his writings, (going back to the beginning of his ministry) the king gets word of his writings.

The king gets the writings of Jeremiah. And as he is hearing these writings, he does not like it, & tells his servant to throw them in the fire.

Jeremiah’s writings are destroyed!

The scripture says God re-transmitted to Jeremiah, everything he said verbatim a second time (Interest included 🙂)!

"Jeremiah 36"

So the point is, even if we agree with this common muslim claim, even in Jeremiah’s own book, God is showcasing his ability. God could reproduce the law. And it would not be a problem!

We already see something similar to this happen in the Bible (Moses with the 10 commandments in Exodus).

Can you see now how Jeremiah’s own book itself dismantles this false claim?

Jeremiah’s Own Book in Context Does NOT Agree…

Four times in Jeremiah, (after “Jeremiah 8 8″) spanning the whole time Jeremiah was
writing, God specifically chastises the people for not following God’s Law. The question I have to ask you, and the question you should ask a muslim at this point is “How can God justly chastise his people for not following his law if somehow the law is not evident or visible for them and is corrupt?

it makes no sense!

On two of these four scenarios, God is explicitly chastising them, for not following laws, mentioned specifically in the book of Exodus.

  • Obeying the Commandments or Curses Would Come
  • Law on Indentured Servitude

Other Books During Jeremiah’s Ministry Also Do NOT Agree…

The second reason is, we know Jeremiah started his public service in the 13th year of a king named Josiah’s reign. And he began publicly preaching judgment was coming on God’s people.

The words of Jeremiah the son of Hilkiah, of the priests that [were] in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin: To whom the word of the LORD came in the days of Josiah the son of Amon king of Judah, in the thirteenth year of his reign.

Five years into Jeremiah starting his public service, we see in Chronicles and Kings, king Josiah was presented with a copy of the law of Moses.

There is reference in these accounts to the most important, and significant meal in the Jewish year.

The passover!

This is clear referencing to Exodus. But not only do they mention passover. We also see references to curses, which are clear and concise references to the book of Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy is also from the law of Moses.

The king had a copy of the law of Moses, five years into Jeremiah’s public
service, and they really want us to believe somehow the Bible was corrupted, and they actually did not have the Bible anymore?

The Bible is Still Around 100+ Years Later (Even in a Different Country)

Some desperately may say it was corrupted after this copy was found in the house of God. And this is where it gets even more exciting. About 100+ years later, at the end of Israel’s Babylonian captivity, a man named Daniel has the book of Jeremiah. And Daniel is praying to God. Daniel prays for God to rescue his people.

He begins quoting verbatim from the book of Deuteronomy. About all of the curses that came upon them.

The question is my friends, how can Daniel be in exile, in Babylon about 100 plus years after, and quote verbatim, if somehow the Bible is corrupted?

Even More Desperation!


What about Leviticus and the book of Numbers?

🙂 and then say “glad you asked!” About 100+ years after Jeremiah, Ezra is a priest who is asked to bring the book of the law before the whole congregation of Israel.

He begins to teach over a consecutive amount of days things from the law of Moses.

He begins teaching about a specific feast in explicit detail. And how to observe, and actually fulfil the feast, which is only referenced explicitly in this manner verbatim, from the books of Leviticus and Numbers.

There is too much evidence in the Bible to show us Jeremiah 8
8 was not saying the Law was corrupted. The same theme is evident throughout Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is telling the people “Follow the law truly and righteously

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