The Egyptian mindset…

The children of Israel were a much stronger people than the Egyptians. Scripture tells us and shows us this in many different ways. What I have seen in my twenty-one years on Earth and what I have now concluded with, is many people are weak. Many people choose to stop, many people choose to allow someone else to defeat them. The children of Israel were growing exceedingly and the king was worried about this. If Israel decided at any time they would go to war, they could have easily done so. The king of the time thought this in his heart and started making plans to suppress them. If the children of Israel wanted to do this I believe they would have but they did not. Even after leaving from years of oppression, they did not lay one finger of harm on them.

The Egyptians were scared of Israel and they had done nothing of any real nature except multiply. They were growing because God was blessing them for obeying his commandments. We then see the Egyptian midwives commanded to kill the men-child. This was something the women declined for two reasons…One, they feared God, Secondly they proclaimed “the Hebrew are not like our women.” What they were in fact saying is these women are stronger than we and do not need the help Egyptian women needed. How many of us today are dependant on others? It is an Egyptian mind-set in that regard. These women clearly limited themselves, instead of commanding that they can be just as good as Hebrew women when carrying, they accepted inferiority and lived according.

I watched a programme I had recorded a few months ago and was reminded of a man who had a business idea and ran with it. He did not stay fearful and allow someone else to be the man he was today, he excelled and followed out his plan. I cast my mind back to the words God spoke to a prophet… “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” The one who would read would run! Not go and sit down, not go and tell another but run when read. Sitting on your hands in life is deadly, waiting for something to appear when we are the people who can act out.
Two men stood by in white apparel as the Lord ascended and what did they say to the onlookers? “Why stand ye here gazing into Heaven?” These men had other things to do, they could have been standing in awe for the whole day, week or month but they had other things to do. God had put other things on their hearts. Immediately after leaving and going back to hold onto the promise of the Holy Ghost, he came upon them when they were in one accord. 
We do not need to wait for someone to come and tell us, we need to act when we know the time is right. No-one will do it for you so don’t expect it.


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