Don’t expect

Don’t expect people to accept. I was listening to a conversation yesterday between a preacher and a well-known rapper. I say well-known because that is what the rapper stated, as I do not know him or listen to music, I can’t say.

Firstly the man was angry because the preacher had called him out recently over a recent song. The preacher started by claiming he should repent and be born again. The conversation went deeper and was much hotter than this but it got to a point where this rapper began to say he doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say.
At this point. I was like “ok man stop” this guy is clearly annoyed with you and does not want to hear you. I agreed and believed what the preacher was saying about repentance etc but it felt to me like the man was doing more damage than repair.

It’s not my place in my opinion to say this preacher was right or wrong, the emphasis for me was on the man not willing to accept. When we start thinking we as people gather children into the kingdom, we mess up. God is always the one that brigs increase.

We do actions but we must never come into something expecting to change someone ourselves. God was the person that ace us the power so we shouldn’t boast in something that was given to us. We must always give glory to him for allowing us to be a vessel.


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