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Ok, so I’m at home one afternoon, when I receive this email about abortion. My friend had sent me an email concerning an article. I will put the link at the bottom for any of you who are interested in looking it up and finding out more information. I frequently send and receive these different kind of articles from a friend. This article covers abortion as a topic, so I will not be covering my personal beliefs in specific. I believe all people will find a problem with what I will cover. I will say that a problem is not enough to stop something from happening, I am sure though that there are people who are for and against abortion but are likeminded here. 

The article went on to explain how it was being passed through, to allow private companies the opportunity to advertise and promote abortions. Let me ask a question, who places adverts on TV? Two things came to mind, businesses and charities (in this order). I haven’t heard of charities giving abortions so for me, this falls under the umbrella of a businesses. When you watch TV and are contemplating buying something, adverts and constant information can sometimes be the final kick we need, in order to make that purchase. I’m sure many will agree that this is a situation to severe for constant promotion.  A young child’s life is taken every time an abortion is initiated. I liken this to the promotion of war. We are allowed to do practically anything we like on Earth, something you must come to live by, however certain things are more sensitive than others. Why should a business be able to promote something like this? The problem I have is this, adverts breeds competition. It may start as something informative, and then it will then become competitive.

This allowance will not only allow more people to think about abortion, it will also allow more to understand that they can have sex and fall back on an abortion.

Young people watch adverts much more than adults in my opinion.  Is this what you want your young child watching? I understand that most don’t want there children conceiving early, the prevention in this is to educate, not terminate. If I didn’t want my child to become pregnant or impregnate a women, I would try to encourage them and advise them against having sex. I wouldn’t wait until this scenario arose and then say have an abortion. I believe abortion is something which is more than physical pain, it effects some psychologically.

Act at the right time, not at the wrong time.

Acting when the time is right, brings right results and likewise the wrong.


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  1. I haven’t checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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