Egypt’s hangover

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I was quite late to hear about this attack during a football match. I heard a few hours after, and like I do from time to time, I allow some time to pass. I like to do this to see what is being done in result, and the impact on society it has. One of the first things which I became aware of, was that football had effectively been cancelled in Egypt. I found out from reading an article, which I will post a link at the bottom for those of you who are interested in reading the story.
One of the first things that came to mind when I was reading the article was, Egypt is still out of control. I don’t think I have ever heard of something like this in my life, where people were stabbing fans, footballers and security. It was said that the security guards also stood by and watched due to shock. This incident isn’t something which stemmed up overnight…This is an accumulation of stress, anger and hatred. Has it been a year since Mubarak? Maybe those now in Egypt believe if they want away with something or are not happy with something, then rioting is the answer. I must admit, I was quite shocked to hear football had been cancelled, perhaps that was my western upbringing.
I’m very sure that this incident was linked to the rioting and devastation a few months back.

This was a clear example of what happens to people when they get too much power. They begin to revolt and rebel against authority. Transition in my opinion should be done within reason, this is to ensure society is effected as least as possible. When there is much trouble with the society’s ruling body, it flows out to its citizens. I covered this when I spoke about our own government in the UK. The old saying of “Monkey see, Monkey do.” I don’t condone those who took it upon themselves to kill and attack people, I can understand somewhat however.

I gave the title Egypt’s hangover because I liken Egypt to a nation who has just awoke from an alcoholic night out. Not understanding that there are repercussions of the aforementioned actions. When we act, we must think about the bigger picture, as we know not at times what will become of it in the end.



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