Replace Your Income – The Fastest Way For Your Business To Do It!

Would you like to replace your income with the sales from your business? Want to know the fastest way to make money in your business which tripled the sales of one of my products?

You can easily copy this anywhere in the world. This won’t cost you anything upfront and doesn’t take much time. The icing on the cake is, it only takes me one Bible verse to show you this.

But all it takes is you deciding today, to follow it and enjoy the benefits.

There’s only one small, but important thing that can stop you from doing this. I’ll show you how to fix that later in the article.

How To Replace Your Income With Your Business

So in this article, I am going to show you the Bible verse which reveals this strategy. You will see how I used this in my previous business, and how I’m using it today.

But I need to warn you! This will only work for you long term, if what you sell serves your customers, and is not about you making more money. I talk about that more in my article on the 4 steps to make 10k per month.

But lets start with the Bible verse.

One of Jesus’ famous disciples was a man named Paul. He wrote something to his students living in Greece, and gave them the principle in today’s article. In 1 Corinthians 11:1 he says…

“Be ye followers of me, even as I also [am] of Christ.”

Copy him, as he copies Christ.

Paul was sharing, how all his success comes from following. And…

If you want to do anything as fast as possible, you need to copy someone in front of you. Someone who has done, or is doing what you want. Click To Tweet

How I Replace Income (1 Example)

You see, my book is $25 plus shipping and handling. Products like this, help you replace your income. But there’s two reasons I give people the option to buy more than 1 copy of my book.Israel Ikhinmwin's Book - 50 Life Lessons Before 25

Both reasons serve my customers.

The way to get the best results out of this book is to apply the 50 secrets over a year. The last time I read through this book it was around 9 months in.

Business was getting better, health was getting better. Everything was growing.

And you would think I was all smiles right? I was, but there was a question that was getting louder and louder inside…

There was a feeling that was starting to become uncomfortable.

Let me explain what I was thinking and feeling…

“You’re reading this book Israel and things are getting better. But! You’re coming to the end.

What happens next?”

I didn’t want this transformation to end.

And I didn’t want customers to have that horrible feeling after reading the book for a few months either.

So I give them the opportunity to buy more than 1 copy on day 1.

This way, they never experience this feeling.

That problem never even exists in their mind.

Copy Successful People Like Paul

The second reason is from a genius marketer I learned this from.

Someone who’s had a big impact on my business success is Russel Brunson. But I’ll give him his flowers in another article.

I learned this from one of his students in an interview. His name is Trey Lewellen.

At the time, Trey made millions in a few weeks doing this.

And if you can make money that fast, without breaking the law, and serving your customers, I’m listening. Put the kettle on.

But think about this, it wasn’t as easy as me following everything he’s saying. I’m watching this like, is this really going to work?

This seems too easy.

In the interview he talked about having much success in his business by selling things like wolf gun oil.

Wolf. Gun. Oil.

Trey talked about how people were coming to his website and he was offering them a free case of this wolf gun oil. They had to pay for the shipping, but he wouldn’t charge them for the oil.

He said this was starting to get traction. But what he did next sky-rocketed everything.

He realised people would use the gun oil and want more. Instead of them getting one bottle of oil, he started giving them the choice to buy two, four or even six bottles.

It makes so much sense when I say it now. Of course people would use the oil and would want more.

But at the time I was thinking,

Why would anyone ever get more than one?

Sometimes I think some of the silliest things, but let’s continue.

Because what Trey said next was epic.

He said, no longer were people buying one bottle of oil. Now people were buying more than one bottle of oil on average.

He was still selling the same product, but selling more. This is why it didn’t cost him more money upfront. People would pay for more and then he would ship more.

And this is why it didn’t take more time to do, because it was the same product he already had.

The Problem That Stops People Replacing Their Income

There was a big problem in front of me. I’m watching this interview hearing Trey talk about making millions. And I’m like, there is no way this going to work for me. I don’t sell oil, I sell a DVD. And there is no way someone is going to order more than one copy of the same DVD.

I was so afraid and doubtful anyone would do this, But I knew…The fastest way to make money in business, or success in anything in life, is following someone ahead, like Paul said. That rhymes doesn’t it?

So I got determined to figure something out that could work for me in my business.

At the time I was selling a DVD.

I gave people the opportunity to get this DVD shipped out to them, but only pay for the shipping.

This, I learned from Russel. And it was working well. But not to the tune of millions.

But like Trey had people coming to his website, I had people coming to mine and ordering this one DVD.

But how do I offer more than one, without offering more of the same thing?

I came up with an idea and this was my thinking…

Israel, you may be afraid to offer more of the same thing, but what if you offer your customers a different DVD?

That’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to offer customers 1, 3 or 5 DVDs and because I don’t have any DVDs ready. And because I don’t know what to call them yet, I’m going to add + 2 more DVDs or plus 4 more DVDs to the order form product.

And if someone buys them, I’ll record them.

This is never going to work, or will it?

Then This Happened…

Before I tell you what happened next. I recommend you watch the video below to see how I copied someone successful to make mine better.

I gave my thumbnail designer 5 examples of thumbnails.

thumb 1

The thumbnail with the lowest views had seventy-five thousand views. The one with the most had over one million views.

But notice I didn’t copy them.

Create & Sell Your Product

Like Trey, I use what I learn in my unique way, to help the people I’m serving.

I learn something and apply it, and give credit to those who helped me. They deserve the honour for making my journey faster and less of a bumpy road.

As an employee you get paid once or twice a month. I didn’t want to get paid once or twice a month, no matter how good the pay was. So I learn from people who get paid an infinite amount of times, and do it in my own unique way.

This is why sometimes I buy stuff to learn what to do more of, and what not to do more of.

Sometimes I buy things and see exactly what to avoid.

But like I said…I added the 2 new options for DVDs. Customers could now buy 1, or 3 or 5.

I hadn’t made the other DVDs and didn’t even know if anyone would buy it. So I didn’t have any titles or anything like that.

All I said was. I would give you 2 bonus DVDs, or 4 bonus DVDs.

But what I did do, was write down a few ideas of what I could teach in these DVDs if someone bought them.

Sales Of This Product TRIPLED!!!

What happened next was shocking.

Sales tripled.

I went from selling 1 DVD, to now selling on average 3 DVDs.

When someone bought 3 it was shocking, and more shocking when people bought 5.

But the first time someone bought more than 1 copy. I made the other trainings and used the money from the sales to design the artwork and have it shipped in time.

You see, the product does not need to be 5 hours long. I talk about this in my article on creating and selling your product in 48 hours or less. It needs to solve 1 problem for your customer. You can do this in 40 minutes or less.

And like I said earlier…The only thing that will stop you from doing this in your business and replacing your income faster is 1 thing!

The 1 Thing That Will Stop You From Doing This!

If you don’t have your own product, this can’t work. And if you would like to know how to create and sell your product in the next 48 hours or less…

My article on creating and selling a product in 48 hours or less will help.

So Go Win And God Bless.

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He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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