Priorities: How To Reinstate Your Priorities

This article is all about priorities, and how we can reinstate previous priorities which are significant to their rightful places. I asked myself the question recently “I have the time to do things, why am I not doing some of the things I want to do any more?” The answer to this question is simple, My priorities have changed. It was not a special equation for me, it was not some riddle I needed to unfold. I’m still trying to maximise my time every day, just on different things. When you are busy doing things, you will begin to realise how things you did previously, are not always done any more. I asked myself another question, “how do I get some of the things I want to do back on my priorities?” I will write about my solutions for priorities below. priorities

How Do I Solve My Priorities Predicament?

My solution entails a strategy I came across when it came to increasing my work ethic and helping me complete tasks. The best thing apart from me not needing to learn something new is that the concept is real simple. My solution to this is “Write it down…” I write down what I want to reinstate and when I look at my list of priorities in the morning, I make sure I find time to do them. It is that simple for me. I aim to take no for an answer. If my key priorities are to do something when I first wake up. No matter what happens I will tell myself, I need this done and nothing can happen otherwise. This is a simple solution to fixing my priorities to the way I want them. Try it out and you will start to see that after some failed attempts, you will begin to make sure you do what is required, if you don’t, there will be serious repercussions. Things you really want to do which are not key priorities will be missed. Something simple like that I can aim at completing every day. 

I would really like for you to try this technique I learned and let me know how it work out for you, leave comments and even email me or contact me via social media. You can even connect with me and share me some of your simple techniques which have worked for you.



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