Plan Ahead…

If you can’t manage things, make plans to manage them…


A few days ago I was feeling very overwhelmed, well at least I was starting to feel overwhelmed. God said to me “You know what it is, so instead of allowing it to happen, plan ahead and stop it from happening.” The point is and the point I learned was, knowing something is coming is an advantage in itself. This gives us time to scout out a route to success. I’m thinking now about exams, in most case scenarios, all exams which mean anything are dated and those who sit tests are given ample time to revise and prepare themselves. I started thinking… “Imagine if exams were random and you just had to be prepared on any given day to sit.”

When I learn something I like to learn things with examples, I want to test out my new findings with real-time examples and not just theory. Faith is something which is very practical, well it should be anyway. I like to build my faith and attack my unbelief with faithful works every day. Planning ahead helps us in tough times and is profitable for us in slower times. If we are prepared at least for something we know about, when something we don’t know about arises, will we be able to defeat the obstacle?

I don’t always need to be in next year, or next week, I only have to see that far. There is a real difference between trying to be somewhere and working towards being somewhere. One thinks they have arrived at the location already, while the other works to get there. Only one will ever reach there because they are working towards it and the other is complacent, thinking the job has been done already.





He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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