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I don’t really write about business too often on my blog but from time to time I am willing to discuss some points of interest. The world we live in is about business very much. This means we must be focused, in a skilled and concise way. I was watching something over the weekend and one of the main messages I took was staying connected. Stay connected with time and not with the time. The programme I was watching was very much about business and showed how certain people make/made their money in the past. The interesting thing to me was the way in which many of these people came to their peaks and then subsequently allowed themselves to fall back down. I’m not making this statement because I think this is impossible, I make the statement because it seemed to me that many of them were only focused about what happened on that given day. I don’t even disagree with a concept of taking one day at a time, however many things we do which are daily motivated, still impact the future, making money is the same.

Lets say for example, I want to make £100 a day, this doesn’t mean I cannot make money for the next day. If on day A I make £170, that makes £70 the carry-over at a bare minimum. This is the actions of one day being a catalyst for the next.

Staying connected with time is important. A few months ago I watched a programme talking about how a business man stays in contact with his clients. This was implemented through a host of methods. Sometimes the people would have limited or no idea about observation. He was staying connected to them and also staying connected with the time.

Over the transition from the 20th century to the 21st, the emergence of computers was widespread. During this period many retail users purchased computers and the internet exploded. Today we have a much faster and communicative world. The many people who did not do things daily to better themselves and stick with the times were left behind and are still to this day living in the past. Business is something which changes every day. The principles and concepts may stay the same, however the way we interact with others and trade services grows daily. A good business needs to be transferable and stay focused.


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