Getting Back On The Bike Day #1

Getting back on the bike day #1 was something I knew would be interesting to write once I had the content to go with it. As well as my desire to write, the experiences I knew I would have once getting back on the bike day #1 had occurred. Day #1 for me occurred yesterday and it was like I anticipated – hard work. The first day is always the hardest and then it gradually gets easier.

Back on the bike day #1

Here is me on day #1 riding hard feeling like quitting but powering through. I ride for 15 minutes per session and at my peak I ride two times a day. I normally aim to ride about 4/5 miles so in total about 8/10 miles a day. A few years ago when I was riding on my normal bike, I would ride around 10 miles three times a week (minimum – some weekends I rode thirty miles) and burnt massive weight in a few months (unintentional). Right now I’m riding again just for fitness and to remain healthy (lets see what happens). The thing is, it is only 15 minutes and this is what provides solace when I’m on the bike but I try to keep it intense. I aim to beat my score from yesterday, aiming to make further distance in less time and things like that. It is a good start for me although it was really hard today – but I expected this coming in because I couldn’t even remember the last time I rode my bike. I’m not getting too ahead of myself but my brother does insanity work out pretty much every day (Pro Athlete) and I may move into that in the future (big may).

Anyway – 15 minutes later and my thighs are burning in a way I haven’ felt in months. 

Doing things like working out only usually ever takes like an hour max but so many days go by and we just feel like there is no time to do it. My bike sessions take up thirty minutes of my day. Thirty minutes of 24 hours. Such a small time but such a big impact long-term.

As it was my first day back as you can see so far, I expected a hard time – what I didn’t anticipate were things which actually happened during. Mistakes which happened from rusty-ness. #1 – I wore the wrong trainers (I normally wear my running shoes for comfortability) but I couldn’t find them when it was time to ride so I just put on standard trainers (Don’t do that), it makes everything harder. #2 – The timer which is actually in the picture above fell off while I was riding so I couldn’t see the distance I actually rode, or the time. Favourably I had my Blackberry in the pocket and could check my time this way. It was only when someone came in the room and picked it up for me I could start collecting data again but 1/2 data isn’t full data. As these things actually happened, I said to myself, these are things which can occur when you haven’t done something in a long time. The lesson to learn from today’s class “Be prepared for mishaps.”

Post Bike ride - Taking notes

This is me after the session writing down my notes for this blog post. I managed to get all my notes into the post succinctly without writing an essay so well done on my part.

Other Mistakes Or Observations?

YES. I will list them below and not type too much about them to save you some time.

  • Worked out on an empty stomach (limited energy – makes it harder)
  • Limited fluids prior
  • Early on I felt to quit (persisted though)
  • Didn’t want to do it when it came round to it due to the initial energy going away as I waited hours to start riding – when you leave hours, doubt grief & energy all have the time to attack


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