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The problem I have seen in my life previously and seen in many others is the concept of investment. Some people really misunderstand what is going on and their lives show. There are three types of people who look at investment. The investor, those who think they invest and the non-investor. All hold positions and not all really know it. Firstly I can say personally, I went from non-investor, to thinking I was an investor and then finally made it into the investor category and am currently working on it.

Let me tell you about my journey…
When I was younger I used to believe the way to get rich and be successful was to save money all the time. I became a really good saver. I then became a hoarder of average level. Anything I would save, I would not desire to let it go until something I considered important came along. From a young age I started to realise that whenever I would save for periods, the money would eventually go down and quickly when I started spending it. This was not pleasing so I decided to stop spending money for even longer periods. Same thing happened it just took longer. What was happening to me? I was saving but not adding anything consistent to it, so when I spent, there was nothing covering my expenses. My funds could only go one way.

In 2012 most bank accounts don’t pay you interest. Your money lives in an account pretty much dormant until you start spending it. Same old thing which I was doing years ago is still happening to many of us without the knowledge. That is not the only thing. Years ago the lay person was informed that the money in our accounts are not really there, they are just numbers on the screen. Where is our money then? Well the banks we trust with our money are using it to make more, and now in most cases currently giving you nothing. Sort of like the city bankers, the people vote to take care of the economy. So, your money is there sitting doing nothing , while others who are using the money in better ways are making more. Wow, why not open a bank right? That is a good business!

Back a few years. I learned I needed to start making money consistently, so when I was spending, my money would not go down but would stay the same, at a bare minimum if not increase. Let me give you something to do, Look at your bank account for the last 12 months and see which way your balance went. Mine went upwards. How do you get to a place where your bank balance goes up consistently and not down?

I was a thinker for some time also. This is knowing you need and should invest but actually not doing it. You may think you are investing but you really are not. If I can give someone £100 and ask for £110 in a few weeks I have made some money. Some waste time calculating too much, the better you become, better investments will be made. Some may say £10 in a few weeks is not good enough. Tell me now, is £10 better than nothing? If you found £10 on the floor most would take it wouldn’t they? They would usually take it because the money is better than no money. This is investing for you. People criticize the investment before even becoming an investor and this is what stops millions. Some money is better than no money and is definitely better than minus monies.

For a long time I looked at my bank balances and saw nothing. No growth not even a penny. This made me sad several times. I had the investment mentality, well I thought I did but nothing was happening. I realised…I wasn’t investing. Investing actually means investing. You invest time, resources etc and you reap rewards. If I don’t hand out the £100 from the previous example, I do not make the £10, simple as…I have to let go, in order to receive something. Plain, clear and Simple.

The investor…They know they need to let go in order to take in. Genesis 26:12, Isaac sowed one year and reaped back 100 fold. Multiply his investment by 100. I read this on several different occasions, last night, it made sense in a different light. Most are blown away by the hundred fold. Read a tad bit slower. Isaac Sowed. He let go of, he invested. I’ve been doing this for some time now and currently still looking for new investments. Investing is what reaps rewards. If we down let go, we don’t provide an opportunity.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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