Sowing and Reaping

Yesterday was an article based on investing. I went through several characteristics some have when we refer to investing. I pretty much finished off my article, using Isaac as an example. Isaac sowed and reaped 100 fold within the space of a calendar year. We saw how this was an obedient decision by him to God, as God had instructed him where to stay in time of the famine.

We can also look at other people who sowed and what they actually sowed. Let us take Jacob for example. Jacob was a cunning man like his brother Esau, however in a very different way. He was an opportunist and we see this throughout. For example, when his weak brother came home and was hungry unto death, where you would expect most brothers to run to help, Jacob used this as an opportunity. Jacob was holding onto his brothers heel from the womb and this in itself shows us he was looking to get somewhere in life. He used the opportunity to claim firstborn rights from Esau. Again when his mother had commanded him to do as she said and to impersonate his brother, in front of his dad, what do you think he did? He didn’t say no, he only questioned whether he would get caught or not. This is the kind of person it seems today, which says sorry for being caught, not for doing the deed.

Jacob continued in these deceptions and lied to Isaac , claiming to be Esau and even brought God into the lie. He ultimately got the blessing and ran to stay away, in regard to Esau killing him after Isaac had died. Sowing and reaping is apparent everywhere in life and this does not mean everytime we sow it has to be something good or productive. We can sow bad things as well as good.


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