How to STOP Cravings! My Experience With Cravings…

I want to help you learn how to stop cravings today! Your cravings are real and singlehandedly could derail your health efforts.

If you would like to lose weight, in this video I share my experience with cravings and how I feel today in the aftermath.

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It was only after, I realised I had a strong addiction to food. I discuss this, in my recent post here.

How To Stop Cravings!

You may not be ready to admit this, but I pray in Jesus name, you are bold enough as you read these words. Certain foods are created specifically with certain ingredients to hook you.

To get you addicted! Once you admit this to yourself, it changes everything. It’s like realising something you’ve blindly trusted for years was trying to kill you the whole time.

How do you change this?

I cover this more in this video about how I got healthy without exercise.

These articles are all part of my health journey, where I’ve detailed step by step everything I’ve experienced. Check it out here Now!


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