Christian Street Preacher Gets SCHOOLED by Muslim! Bible Teacher Reacts

Alright I’m going to react to a popular Muslim Shaykh take a Christian street preacher to “school”. I’ve covered Shaykh Uthman several times before. I covered when he mocked a Christian. And when he tried to mock the Bible concerning homosexuality. This won’t be the last.

Since I’ve been teaching the Bible for over 10 years, surely I can do a better job than the street preacher right?

Look at the most liked comment, the Shaykh says “Bible the kryptonite for Christian preachers.Uthman Ibn Farooq Comment vs Christian Street PreacherThen from his other account replies and says “100“.

It looks like I have my hands full. 🙂 

Christian Street Preacher Gets SCHOOLED by Muslim!

Let’s get started….The Muslim preacher asks,

**I’ve highlighted the Shaykh in red for clarity**

Okay did Jesus know the hour did Jesus know the hour of his return


he did know the hour

he knows

you’re sure

he knows yes.

let me ask you from the Bible [I know what you want to say] what do I want to say, except my father nobody knows that’s what you want to say yeah

John 17 3

I know I know

no hold on let me let me let me first tell you the verse uh huh

except my father even the angels they don’t know it

uh huh

I know that


but Jesus Christ when he was his in this world is not only as a God


was as a complete God as a complete man


what he said is according in man [in his human nature] not according is God

okay so so let’s read the actual verse okay

let me tell you what

can we read the verse


you don’t know it because you said it wrong

I know.

he said nor the Son

I know I told you that

not not on earth so he did not know the hour

Picking On Lay Christians But Calling Them Christian Street Preachers

It’s always strange to me when popular figures post content picking on lay people. Why not pick on someone your own side Shaykh?

Be better.

The “street preacher”, what makes this a street preacher, because he stopped to talk?

This seems like a man zealous for his faith, but not too knowledgeable. The kind of people Shaykhs like this prey upon.

He gives an okay response, Jesus has two natures human and divine. This can work but it doesn’t deal with everything.

Notice how the Shaykh asked is Jesus lying his point is…If Jesus has two natures is he lying by saying no one but the father knows, when He knows in His divine nature?

You can get into all that, but you don’t need to. There’s a better way to handle this question.

Muslims love to bring up Mark chapter 13:32 let me read it and then talk after.

But of that day and hour knoweth no man no not the angels which are in heaven neither the son but the father.

Context Destroys The Shaykh’s Argument

When you read the surrounding verses you can see what Jesus is doing. He is not removing his knowledge or lying. He’s claiming Sonship and doing something far greater.

Jesus is calling himself the Son of God. Muslims don’t accept that, so it’s strange he would even quote this verse. But Jesus gives the people specific signs about what will happen at his return.

It’s like He’s literally saying, follow this way and then that way and then this way. And then my return is going to happen. You can’t make this up though, and this is his return to gather his bride (the church). He explains in much detail but then he stops all of a sudden. Then says no one knows the hour, not the angels not the son, but only the Father.

The Jewish Tradition Helps Us

Jesus was doing something the Jews understood. It was the Jewish custom during a wedding for the groom to go to his father’s house and build an extension. This would be where the newlyweds would live.

Think to Jesus saying in John’s Gospel, He goes to prepare a place for us, there are many rooms and mansions.

Once the extension gets built, the tradition was the father of the groom would declare, it’s time to go and get the bride. Now is the time to bring her home.

And this wasn’t because the son, the groom didn’t know it was time. But it was custom, the respect and honour given to the father to make the announcement.

When Jesus said this, He was showing He was the Son of God. And the Jewish listener would understand this well.

Muslims like the Shaykh, either don’t know the background or ignore it to look good against everyday people.

Now you understand it well knowing the Jewish tradition.

“Know” Has Different Biblical Context

Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq went right to an interpretation of lacking knowledge, but the Bible uses the word “know” in Genesis 4:1 as a euphemism for relations in marriage.

In 1st Corinthians 2:2 “know” gets used in the context of priorities.

It’s clear Jesus is using the word “know” in Mark 13 as announcing the news. It’s the honour and glory of the Father to say when the Son will return for his bride. Out of respect, NOT lacking knowledge

Adding to this, in John’s Gospel in chapter 16 and chapter 21, it says Jesus knows all things.

This further proves Mark is being used in a different way. Despite attempts from people all the time, all 4 Gospels present Jesus as God, so all 4 believe Jesus is omniscient (knows all things).

I could say more but let’s keep going.

When he say uh huh not as his is a God not as his God [He says it in his human nature, not divine] look listen

what’s your name

August August yeah

August if you say I don’t know where Shepherd’s Bush is

yeah right

yeah and you do know then you’re lying yeah

so when Jesus didn’t say as a man he says but of that day and hour no one knows not even the angels in heaven now now pay attention to this part nor the Son he didn’t say on earth he didn’t say now he said nor the Son but only the Father can I finish reading the verse can I finish reading it what he said I know you you skipped the nor the Son.

I told you before I know it.

Muslim’s Have No Answers For This

Notice how the whole line of argument is about Jesus’ two natures.

Once you go the route I showed you, he can’t do any of this.

He doesn’t know but uh huh he said also the end of the world he gave all the signs if you don’t know listen

uh huh let me ask you one thing

I’m listening okay

you cannot say these are these are the signs

why not you cannot say

let me explain it to you Jesus

let me let me answer your question okay

the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

was asked when is the day of judgment

he says only Allah knows

but then he gave the signs of the day of judgment

even though he doesn’t know when the day of judgment is

I don’t know about him. okay but do you understand the concept

you can give the signs of something

and not know when it is

You can give signs of something but not know when it is. You can also give the signs of something and know when it is too.

That is why when you take into account the wedding custom tradition, it all makes sense.

Jesus’ point is, I can tell you all the stuff that’s happening around it.

But it’s the honour of my father to say the word.

So Jesus gave some signs of the hour

so did the Prophet Muhammad

peace be upon him but Jesus clarified that no one knows

he he didn’t say not me on earth

only the father he didn’t say only God even

only the father not when I’m in heaven or on earth

he said nor the son

Do you  know so listen

you’re not you just wanna get past

but either the Bible’s a lie

meaning he did know and he said he didn’t

or he didn’t know which one is it?

Beware Of Traps Like This

Now we have the false dichotomy. There are only 2 options pick 1. Either he lied or he didn’t know,

but that’s not true!

There are other options. Jesus didn’t lie, He knew but was talking about something Jewish people listening would know and get.

This is why you have to be careful when people try to box you into a corner. It’s rare you ever have 2 options.

Do you know Jesus is as a father as a God do you believe that

do I believe Jesus God Jesus

can I is as a God

you ask a question can I answer it

yes okay

when you ask a question you have to let me answer right

okay okay do I believe Jesus is the father


This is why people shouldn’t post this kind of stuff. The man is not the best English speaker. If he misspoke or is saying the wrong thing, why post this to embarrass him?

This isn’t about truth but views.

Jesus isn’t the Father, the Bible is clear on that. But as you can see, this is a man called a “street preacher” to mock Christians like us.

So now here in the Bible see the thing is you’re Christian but you’re not quoting the Bible. I’m not Christian but I’m giving you evidence from your Bible

it says,

and this is eternal life that they may get to know you

the father the only true [God]

You can tell by the passages someone quotes how well they know what they’re talking about.

Destroyed By His Own Argument

John 17:3 is a passage that proves Jesus is God in John’s writings. The Muslim argument is the only true God gets separated from Jesus Christ in this verse, so Jesus cannot be the only true God.

This is foolish!

John separates Jesus from eternal life in this verse too.

But John says Jesus is eternal life in first John 1:2.

This obliterates this weak argument.

John also calls Jesus the true God in first John 5:20 as well.

So the 2 things John separates from Jesus in the verse, he says Jesus is in his other writings.

Game over!

This is why Shaykh Uthman loves to post conversations with people who don’t know much.

He avoids conversations with people who know even a little bit. He would get buried, as he has done in the past, when he upped his competition.

Another Failed Attempt

In the Bible it also says no man has seen God right yeah


so what does it mean that Jesus was representing God

because God sent him yes

but he is not God yeah right yeah

so now when Jesus is asked

it does not mean he’s not God

of course it does.

You see, he made an argument about John 17:3 but then his next argument is in first John. 🙂 

This shows you he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The book he quotes from to make his latest argument, debunks the argument he made before.

But let’s now move to this argument.

No-one has seen God in full unveiled nature.

Jesus walked around, and only at the mount of transfiguration did he show some glory.

If god appeared without any veil, we would die.

This is why in heaven, we will have new bodies, we will be able to dwell in God’s presence.

Then people saw God in visions and dreams. Some saw God in physical form, but veiled.

Yet Another Failure + Distortion Used Against The Christian Street Preacher 🙂 

Okay was Jesus a man?


Okay in the Bible it says God is not a man God is not a man right here, read it.

He can’t even finish the verse. The rest of the verse says God is not a man, that he should lie. So if He did become a man would He lie or always tell the truth?

He would always tell the truth. And that’s why this verse debunks him.

Exodus 15:3 says God is a man of war.

Do you see why context matters?

[Continuing to speak about, God is not man] That means …uh huh for you and for me not for Jesus Christwhy does it say that God does it say that?

No for you and for me

does it say that anyway my brother

the Bible says God is not a man nor a son of man

you’re running from your own Bible

it’s sad.

The irony, he was saying earlier, the man was not quoting versus properly.

Remember when he said,

but you you skipped the nor the Son

But when he leaves parts of the verses out, that’s fine. He’s deceptive for doing that

The verse says in full,

God [is] not a man that he should lie neither the son of man that he should repent has he said and shall he not door has he spoken and shall he not make it good

God sticks to His Word. He’s a man of His Word. That’s what this passage is saying, but this deceiver is distorting the Bible to win an argument.

And he’s accusing the man of running from his Bible.

I’m done.

Know Your Bible & Everything Will Be Fine

The convo goes off the rails because the Shaykh cannot understand what the man says.

The man is talking about Acts 8 with Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch.

The eunuch was reading the Bible and couldn’t understand what he was reading.

It’s a nice way to sum up Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq. And right on character, he didn’t know what he was hearing in the Bible.

The man should have shown him the verse to be honest, because he said he would.

Let me know how I did God bless.

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