Was Jesus Only Sent to the Jews? | Explaining Matthew 15:24 in Context!

Was Jesus Only Sent to the Jews?

Have you heard somebody quote Matthew 15 24 which says:

but he answered and said I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel“.

And then turn around and say, Jesus was only sent to save the Jews…The house of Israel? I am going to show you next, how this is not true!

Let me show you what the Bible says, then you can decide for yourself!

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Who Teaches “Matthew 15:24” Like This?

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You will hear this frequently from a group known as the Hebrew Israelites. Who want you to believe this! Well some want you to believe it, so they can have you believe they are the special ones. They believe Jesus did not come to save the gentiles, but only came to save the Jews!


You may also hear this from some Muslims. And the reason Muslims concur is, they cannot have Jesus be the last significant prophet. So ultimately, they want to switch up what Jesus is saying here. And then they can smuggle in their prophet. And make it seem like, “you know, there was another prophet who was to come after, in regards to keeping the law“.

How We Know Jesus Was Not Just For Jews!

Now the mistake these Hebrew Israelites & Muslims are making is, reading just one line!

All you have to do is add a little bit more context. We are going to do this by going to read Mark’s gospel account. Mark’s gospel account documents a very key line, which is very significant, in correcting this false claim.

When you go through Mark’s gospel account, you can see it is the same event. The same woman is coming to Jesus, asking Jesus to cast a devil out of her daughter! And the really important thing in Mark’s Gospel Account is, she was a Greek. She was a gentile!

A Hebrew Israelite Rebuttal Rebutted!

Some Hebrew Israelites make the case, this Greek woman from Canaan, was an Israelite!

This breaks the text in my opinion! And let me show you why…

In Matthew’s gospel account, he mentioned Jesus saying “do not give the bread to the dogs“. And Mark also mentions this statement. And Mark mentions something really interesting, giving us additional context.

Now notice, did you catch it? Did you see the key word, and the key phrase in this piece of text, documented by Mark’s account? Matthew did not mention it! This is one of the reasons why reading all of the gospels together is very significant.

Jesus said, let the children first be filled. What does this indicate? If Jesus is saying let the children first be filled, after the children are filled who would be filled next? If the children are filled, and then the woman can then be filled, this indicates the woman is not one of the children right?

Even as some Hebrew Israelites attempt to do, by saying she was from one of the lost tribes of Israel. She would still be an Israelite! And part of the children, entitled to bread, right? But if she was a child in the analogy, why would Jesus say, let the children FIRST be filled?

The Woman Was A Gentile!

She was a Greek, a gentile in context. And can then be filled after. In the context of what Jesus is saying, what is the filling of food here? The food is Jesus’ salvation! So if this message from Jesus, is saying, I am coming to the Israelites, what does this mean for the Gentiles? Well this is a Greek woman coming to Jesus saying. I need some bread.

Following with the analogy, Jesus does not say no, you cannot have the bread does he? He says, let the children, the Israelites FIRST have the bread. And then there will be bread made available for the gentiles.

This alone really shatters the claim by the Hebrew Israelites, & also by Muslims. If Jesus is the one who is filling the Jews, he has to be the same one ultimately filling the gentiles.

So can you see how, just by adding one additional layer of context onto Matthew 15 24 it makes it clear?

Will You Break The Bible For False Beliefs?

In order to hold to this belief, you have to now disregard Mark! And the moment you begin disregarding accepted scripture in the christian faith, what do you become? You now become a person manipulating, corrupting, and bending the Bible for your own gain. And one would have to question if you were ever truly saved.

If you ever hear Hebrew Israelites or Muslims making this claim, all you have to do now, is just literally go to this passage. And ask these questions shared above. Then you can see their response. 

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