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This article is in some senses a follow up, from my article a few days back entitled food for thought. I spoke about God channels on TV frequently, and how I felt their wasn’t much to watch these days. God network was my default when I felt nothing was on TV, or if I was trying to kill time. It sounds weird even writing that.

I’ve been thinking recently about how I would look hard and far for something to watch at times. I don’t know why I would ever get to the point where I would rather kill time waiting for a programme I’m watching later, than just go and do something else. Usually I’m not in front of the set that much, of recent however I have found myself watching more and more.

If its 2:00pm and I am planning to watch a programme at 8:00pm, it doesn’t mean one should stand in front of the TV set for the six leading hours. In those six hours, you may find something productive but more than likely it will be trivial TV, which may benefit in someway but is futile. These are the times in your life when you need to be strong enough to say those four words on screen…”Turn off the TV!!!”

I know from many years back what it feels like to be sucked into the TV! I can say this, whoever made the TV must have made a load of money, as it keeps many people away from what they are supposed to be doing. Think about hours of production? When I start to think about the large amount of articles I could have written every time I found myself bored of TV, It makes me wonder.

The sum of the matter is, to say no, more times than you say yes. To be productive is the key.

Think Production!!!


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