Keys to Fasting

Fasting is one of those things I feel funny talking about, maybe because fasting is something we shouldn’t be shouting from the rooftops. That being said, I mean when in fasting, we are not to go running, telling people we are fasting. Nonetheless, education is essential in our walk with God. When it arises in your life you will know some things which you will receive from your submission. Recently God has been educating me in the realm of fasting, He has been showing me through various scriptures how beneficial fasting actually is. That being said, God has given me room to speak concerning  some keys to fasting. I want to take a few paragraphs now to highlight some points about fasting.

  1. Fasting is relatable

Firstly I want to bring to your attention how everything we do in life has been done before in one shape or form. Solomon the King of Israel in his day outlined in Ecclesiastes 1, nothing new happens under the sun, despite my extremely paraphrased version, I feel the concept is still visible and easy for readers to grasp. What he opens this book up with and the general theme of the whole book stems from this concept. The reason I say fasting is relatable is for the reason that people have experienced fasting before us and give us information about how to one should carry themselves.
Now focusing on some scriptural reference, I first want to delve into the Old Testament, Psalms particularly (109), in verse 24 David spoke about how he’s knees were weak from fasting. When we go through fasting, are bodies feel weak at times and may feel like eating. I was advising someone recently and stated that the one thing I would advise, when you feel hungry, remember God knows. God knows when in fasting, we will feel hungry at times and he provides us with strength. If you ever feel weak, you can easily remember David and his hardship. David still managed to survive this because God is faithful. Something else we can rely on is Jesus, the Author and finisher of our faith, in Hebrews 4:15 we see that Jesus had been tempted in all ways so can understand our temptations. Jesus understands the concept of fasting and understands that fasting is not naturally easy, we take this time to submit to God and allow him to be the full source of our strength. I finish by urging you to remember God knows!


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