Your time today is the most important

The human mind is a very interesting structure. Mentality plays a big role in determining what we do on a daily basis. The Bible says it like this “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”. How many of us know the power of the mind? how many of us are even exercising our minds daily? The reason I write this post today is to highlight how powerful the mind is. Today I started work later than I would like to. What do you think I did? Let me tell you what I DID NOT do. I did not say to myself, you woke up late, now you can’t do anything, just wait until tomorrow. I did not keep whining about how I should have started work earlier. I did not (like many)  start blaming others for what are my actions. Many today are what I refer to now as an E person. Someone who makes excuses for everything. It can never be their fault, so they blame others and never progress. I have a friend, I tell her all the time, until you stop blaming others, you will never proceed in character development. Why do we blame others? We blame others because it is easy to do so, we blame others because many of us do not want to tell ourselves off. If it is someone else, we do not need to do anything because we can’t change someone else. This is the cycle which many are involved in today and are not getting out. The same cycle I warn my friend about. 

We then have a different kind of E person which I now refer to as executors. Let me begin to tell you what I did when I began to start work today. I said to myself, you can’t change the past, live out the present. Instead of me focusing on time I can’t retrieve back, let me focus on the time I have. Not tomorrow’s time but today’s time. I also said that I will be productive as I can with what I have left and not focus on the past time which is gone. Most people focus on yesterday’s or tomorrow’s time. The problem with this is yesterday is always past and tomorrow is always the future. On top of all this thinking, which only took a few minutes, I executed. People always want to change your time and add to it the little clutter that they have. Say no, say your busy because you are. Don’t waste time on things that are going to hell. Don’t mistake my words, what I mean by this is don’t waste time on things which are dead or going to die. those trivial conversations we like to indulge in frequently. The trivial programmes we watch and more dangerous is the fact we are watching these shows every day. Let me say this to you, most reality shows I despise. One because I feel they waste a lot of time and are uneducational, secondly many of them are fake and just acting for cameras. Thirdly and most damaging is, these shows put money in their pockets and take money out of yours. How you may ask, every second you watch these foolish reality shows, you are a viewer and their ratings go up, they then get the big contract deal while what do you get? Potentially temporal enjoyment, potential laziness, potentially unhealthy and many other bad characteristics you can find doing nothing but watching a box all day. You don’t have time to develop yourself because you’re developing someone else, you can’t think of any good business ideas because the ideas people should have are being replaced by temporal thoughts and emotions. 

These are the same people who probably need the government to take care of them, complain they do not have any money and also complain that everyone is against them. These are the Excuse makers who do nothing but want everything. 


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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