Just a little Faith

I awoke this morning to feel tingling pains in my big finger. I remembered how small a mustard seed was and started saying to myself, can I believe this small for healing. Healing was something and is something which I find we can use if we ever have infirmities. Scripture says in Isaiah, by HIS stripes we were healed, meaning Jesus has healed us already. (Isaiah 53)

I swiftly commanded my finger to heal itself of this annoyance in Jesus name and it was gone. I laughed inside and is like someone putting money into your bank account for good work. The feeling came back moments later and I professed the Devil was a liar and that his tests were not stronger than God’s word. The pain left and hasn’t returned. 

The Devil may not he is defeated but he doesn’t stop fighting, he may throw a blow from time to time and they do not need to hit us, we let them if they do.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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