How To Pray And Get Answers! I Prayed Everyday For 6 Months Then This Happened!

In this article I want to show you How to pray and get answers. Have you ever felt like giving up when things don’t go your way? Have you ever felt like your prayers are not being answered? I want to share a story with you about how persistent prayer transformed my life.

A Powerful Revelation On How To Pray And Get Answers

One afternoon, I was sitting at my dining table, thinking about random things when a passage came to my mind.

dinning table testimony - How To Pray And Get Answers

It was the parable of the widow woman in Luke chapter 18, where Jesus tells the story of a widow who prayed until the unjust king gave her vengeance. And Jesus gave this parable to show you, you should keep praying for things, God will answer.

I realised something powerful this day…If I wasn’t praying every day about the things I wanted to change in my life, I shouldn’t be surprised if God didn’t answer those prayers.

This parable transformed my life because I realized, if I wanted to receive the same breakthrough as the widow, I had to do exactly what she did. From that day on, I decided never to give up on the things I was praying for. If it was important to me, I would keep praying and praying until I received the answer.

A Personal Problem

A few years ago I struggled with a problem!

Brace yourself…

the problem

And this is a problem many people face – gluttony. I had a problem with discipline, and it was affecting my weight. I knew I had to make a change. And do you remember the story of the widow woman dropping in my spirit at the dining table? This picture was around the same period in time. And I decided to be like her and pray and pray, until my problem went away.

Prayer Answered

I prayed every day from March to September of that year. And by the end of September, I looked like a different person.

the result - How To Pray And Get Answers

I didn’t lift weights or use any artificial means to lose weight. I walked a little, but I just prayed persistently, and the problem was gone.

The Wrong Game How Not To Pray And Get Answers

Many Christians make the mistake of playing by the wrong rules when it comes to prayer. And I’ll show you how to avoid making these same mistakes. They pray for things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, like a six-pack, or a perfectly-shaped body. Biblically speaking, why would God answer a prayer like that?

I made the same mistake in the past, but I learned from it. And I prayed Biblically and contextually. I didn’t pray for a six-pack; I prayed for things God would answer, and I persisted until I received the answer.

Let me share some examples with you.

Examples of How To Pray And Get Answers

Final Thoughts on How To Pray And Get Answers

Persistent prayer is a powerful weapon that can transform your life. It’s not a magic formula that will instantly solve all your problems. But it can give you the strength and perseverance to keep going until you receive the answer. Don’t give up on the things that matter to you. Keep praying and trust that God will answer in his time.

If you would like to know more about God can transform your life, my 21 day challenge will help you do just that. Click here to start today. God bless.


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