God of the future, for the present man

The best thing potentially about God is perhaps his omnipresent nature. This means he valuable to those who know him intimately. For someone needing foresight, he can prove very useful. For example, Genesis 31 begins with Jacob discussing how God had favoured him and given him much of the substance of Laban. He proceeds to tell the story of  how God by a dream instructed him of his blessings. This was something he knew before he even spoke to Laban about deciding his wages. God is past, present and future for us. He is whatever we need him to be. God instructed Jacob to pick the right cattle and he also told Jacob to go back to his homeland at the right time also. The present man Jacob was blessed with future awareness and this excelled him in his circumstance. I can testify of many times the god of the future has testified to me of things oncoming and how this gave me the opportunity to position myself in great stead.

We see these occurrences timely in the scripture and time and time again. The believer should also be able to testify of these things because God is just portraying his nature when he does so.

Moving on to another piece of text, lets use Joseph who was in prison as a case study. A few chapters on in Genesis 41, we see how from being in prison one day, the next he was the governor of the Egyptians. God had showed the people a dream and he was the only man found able to unlock the code from God. Everywhere but Egypt was famished and this made Egypt the place to be. People would come, increasing the demand for bread, meaning the price went up. Joseph, through God’s leading, positioned himself and the nation under his government in the best possible position. The God of the future helped the present man and took him from poverty and imprisonment, to wealth, respect and riches.

Jacob and his son Joseph both had intimate relationships with God and it was made known through there actions and their harvest.



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